How to Replace a Window Motor in a Ford F-150


The power window motor on the Ford F-150 is used to lift up or scroll down the window electronically. Being exposed to consistent use, the window motor often has to work beyond its capacity, resulting in it eventually needing replacement. The installment is a relatively easy procedure, as follows.


1. Locate the screws that hold the door panel on, and remove them with a screwdriver.

2. Remove the window control panel by prying it upwards at the seam, and then slide it outwards from the panel.

3. Locate the button on the control panel to release the control panel from that connector. Remove the control panel.

4. Now, remove the door panel by unscrewing and removing the clip that holds the door panel in place.

5. Remove the tabs that hold the panel, and then remove the door handle assembly by pushing it through the opening, (towards the inside of the cab), and subsequently turn it and pull the door panel off.

6. Remove the plastic bracket and trim that sticks out of the door, and remove the water shield.

7. Once you have the water shield off, you can see the regulator and mounting bolts as well as window clamps or sockets.

8. Now, loosen the two bolts holding the window, just enough to let the window loose, and then lower the window all the way down.

9. Next, remove the two piece weather stripping around the window.

10. To remove the window motor, you will need to slide it out of the clamps that were loosened. Slide the motor down and rotate 90 degrees, so that it can be removed completely from the panel.

Installing the new Ford F-150 Window Motor is easy – all you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned above in reverse order.

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