How to Replace Ford Taurus Power Steering Pump


The Ford Taurus power steering pump is a vital part of the steering system, used to pump the steering fluid and keep the vehicle steering easy. However, mechanically operated power steering pumps, fitted in some of the Ford Taurus models, can go bad with time and affect the steering and handling characteristics. Replacing a power steering pump is an easy fix, however, it is also important to first identify the actual part responsible for the steering issues, and then consider the pump replacement.




Bad Power Steering Pump Symptoms

  • Squealing while starting
  • Squealing while turning
  • Noise during turning
  • Lack of power while steering the wheel
  • Hard steering

Replacement Procedure:

  • Open the engine hood of your Ford Taurus and remove the serpentine belt from around the engine pulley.
  • Place the drainer below of the steering pump and remove entire fluid from the pump, hoses and reservoir.
  • Now, remove the nuts and fasteners from the coolant reservoir, and remove the assembly out of the compartment.
  • The next step is to remove the power steering fluid reservoir by removing its bolts and fasteners.
  • On removing the reservoir, you will see the metal flange molded into the center of the pulley. Remove the pulley out from the engine compartment.
  • On removal of the pulley, you can access the power steering pump.
  • Remove fasteners, nuts and bolts from the pump, in order to take out the power steering pump
  • Buy a new Ford Taurus Power Steering Pump, and re-install the same in the reverse order of dismantling.