Replace Honda Civic Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) Guide


The Throttle Position Sensor is an electronic device used to measure the position of the Throttle in the car engine.

The location of the Throttle position sensor in your Honda civic is assembled with the throttle body for the purpose of throttle opening/closing in the fuel injection system.

Symptoms of a Bad Throttle Position Sensor

  • Car jerking.
  • Car hesitates when idling.
  • Engine stalls suddenly.
  • Hesitation when trying to accelerate.
  • Sudden decrease in car's speed while driving on the highway. 

Replacement Procedure

  • The following steps are required to replace the TPS:
  • First of all, park your civic on a ground level surface and put it into gear so that it cannot move while the replacement procedure is being carried out.
  • Open the engine hood & remove the battery cables from the terminals to avoid the risk of fire.
  • Identify the exact location of the sensor position, which is on the top of the engine at the intake manifold throttle body, with connectors & cable wiring harnesses. In the Civic, it found precisely at the air intake manifold at the throttle valve. The entire assembly of the sensor is enclosed in the plastic body.
  • Remove the wiring connectors and disengage it from the electric connections. 
  • Using ratchets, wrenches and screw drivers, unscrew the sensor from its position smoothly. In some models, it flaps over the body when disassembled manually from the body position.
  • Buy new Honda Civic Throttle Position sensor.
  • Reinstallation procedure is just reversed to that of the Installation procedure.

You can always visit the links below to get an exact Throttle Position Sensor for your Honda Civic according to its manufacturing year.

2000 Honda Civic Throttle Position Sensor

1999 Honda Civic Throttle Position Sensor

1998 Honda Civic Throttle Position Sensor

  • Albert

    Hi thank you for the directions. Question my TPS sensor is screwed on with screws I have never seen before and covered in a small amount of silicone have you seen this before?

    • John Marshall

      Silicone is sometimes used to as a gasket to seal the moisture.