Steps to Follow When Your Car Air Conditioner Stop Cooling


How annoying it would be if you find that your car AC is not working out in hot summers! To prevent suffocation in the car, conditioning of the air is must and that is exactly why the car comes with air conditioning system with temperature and blowing direction control. In more advanced cars, these systems are highly automatic and electronic integrated.

What It Can Be

If the AC isn't working as it should, the most likely culprits are –

  1. Lack of enough refrigerant
  2. Problems related to the AC compressor

Refrigeration is the most common reason found in the car AC problems. If the refrigeration mechanism is working fine, troubleshooting leads to the compressor.

How to Check

There are some common troubleshooting steps one should follow to check for the actual problem related to car AC.

  1. Put all on High. The cooling temperature and blower. See whether the blower is working or not. Also see whether the AC sets the temperature less cool or no cool.
  2. Open the car bonnet and check at the bottom the rounded part like the one shown in the picture. It will also have a belt connected with the other engine part.  See whether the big round of the part is running at its optimum speed.
  3. If the compressor looks running fine, than you have to check the pressure. You need a pressure gauge or meter to check it out. It is available in most of the hardware shops and costs you nominal.
  4. You will find a small pipe running from one of the compressor’s outlets to the blower inside your car. You can pull-out the blower-end of the pipe and attach it to the pressure gauge. The lower amount of pressure should at least be 30 lbs. If it is not as per desired level, the problem is with refrigeration.

How to Solve

If you find the problem very much in the beginning and if you find that the AC doesn’t start at all, it is advisable to take the matter up with the professional. However, you may still try the troubleshooting steps and locate the error.

Another case is when the compressor wheel is not running or running slowly. The best idea will be to show the compressor to the AC expert or any automotive repairer. If it is completely out of order, you have to get the compressor replaced in order to make the AC working again.

If you find the compressor working fine and still the gauge shows less pressure, the only thing your AC needs t work properly again is the refrigeration refill. Take the car to any such outlet who refills the AC refrigeration. There are ways to try at the home. But since it is something involving to high end pressures, it is not advisable to do at home.

Follow these simple steps and get your car AC back in actions. We would also like to see what you have to say on this and whether you have such experience of repairing it at home. Comments down here will be highly appreciated.