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Your Car Doesn’t Start? Here are the reasons WHY?

Your car might start or stop on the road. You must be aware of the common problems with car auto parts. Learn more and deal with it at The Auto Parts Shop..

Isn’t it frustrating that you are already getting late for your work early in the morning, and your car fails to start?

Well, there is always a reason as to why your car won’t start. Let’s get into the details and know more about car auto parts and the possible recommendations when it fails to start.

  • Dead Battery: The most common reason why the car denies starting is a dead battery. With the battery tester, you can analyze if the battery is working or can also make use of jumper cables to test your car battery.
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Working Of Car Battery

Once you start your car by inserting a key into a car ignition, signals are sent to the car battery. After receiving the signals, the chemical energy is being converted to electrical power. This power is carried to the starter that starts the engine.

  • Battery Corrosion: Do you have corrosion on your battery? You must consider it as real trouble. In such cases, you must check and clean your battery posts, ensuring that the connection is complete. After this process, try starting your engine again. You can check the various parts for cleaning your battery at The Auto Parts Shop.
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Did You Know That Soda Pop Can Be Used To Clean The Corrosion?

Undoubtedly, corrosion is a significant problem, and besides other car auto parts, it usually occurs with old batteries. With the leakage of the battery fluids, the metal fuses. All it further requires is immediate replacement or repairs. You needn’t go to the mechanic to get it fixed as this puffy coating of corrosion can be cleared through soda. Here are the simple steps that can be followed:

  • Disconnecting battery cables: Starting with the negative side and then positive, remove your battery cables.
  • Grab soda pop can: Slowly start pouring the pop over the corrosion and the battery connectors.
  • Wire brush: The corrosion that is stuck around the bolts of your battery can be easily removed using a cleaning brush. Also, it helps in making the soda pop reachable yo the parts that it cannot get onto itself.
  • Finally, wipe away the corrosion and soda: A paper or an old towel can be used to wipe away the leftover corrosion. It is mandatory to clean everything entirely to avoid future corrosions.

Now you can start reconnecting your corrosion-free battery. This time start with the positive side of cables and then with the negative side that might spark ensuring that everything is working fine.

  • Bad starter motor: The starter physically turns the engine. Bad starter motors can hamper the working of the car and need to be resolved.
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Save money by getting a starter at a junkyard

Amazingly, you can get starters at junkyards. Also, you may find a good and great starter at a recycling facility too.

Working of starter

The starter works like an electric motor. When you ignite your car, the starter runs and turns over the engine allowing air to suck in.

Starting a car with a bad starter

You can start your vehicle with a bad starter. You should still buy a better or a new one since it may not work for long. Here are some of the steps:

  • Check connections: Have a careful look at the joints. Take care of the connecting cables between the starter and the battery. Tighten everything so that there is no loose connection
  • Clean Corrosions: As mentioned above, the corrosions must be adequately cleaned.
  • Thump starter with hammer or tool: Tapping or thumping with a hammer gives life to an amateur that allows it to rotate and start functioning. One must keep in mind that thumping might not work in the newer cars as they have been equipped with a transversal engine.
  • Worn or lousy timing belt: The primary function of the timing belt is to ensure that engines’ valves close and open at proper intervals allowing them to never interact with the pistons. A bad timing belt can damage an engine to the extent that it may require replacements. Therefore, a timing belt is considered as the essential item that requires maintenance.
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  • Broken or cracked distributor cap: You can have countless problems with the broken cap as the moisture seeps under it. An easy fix would be to wipe it out with some clean and dry cloth. The solution is to replace it finally.
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  • Damaged Ignition Coil: The purpose of the ignition coil is to transform the battery’s voltage to an electric spark. Lousy ignition coil won’t have enough energy to make this happen. Make use of a tool named as a multimeter to test the resistance and the electrical current.
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  • Clogged fuel filter: No engine or battery issue found? You should check for the problem in the clogged fuel filter. The clogged filters won’t allow the fuel to reach the engine, and this would not let the car start. It all requires a replacement.

All in all, it is very much required to gain knowledge regarding your car auto parts. The timely maintenance and replacement of things are very much needed. So take care and stay safe!

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