2023 Cadillac Lyriq production model revealed with range, power, and price

Cadillac estimates that the battery will offer a range of more than 300 miles on a single charge.  

We got our first look at the Cadillac Lyriq design last August and now the company is unveiling the official facial product version of the electric shortcut. The good news is that no matter where you look inside or outside the car, it will be similar to the product version. It has the same long hood, low ceiling, folded body function, glowing grille and groovy tails. The interior features a 33-inch instrument and infotainment screen and wood and metal trim. Only detailed changes in things like the camera on the grill and the redesigned control knob on the centre console are different from the concept. 

So if it’s basically the same, what’s new here? Well, ultimately we have exclusion on all things that empower the concept-car body. Initially, the song will be offered with only one motor and rear wheel drive. This motor produces 340 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque with a single speed transmission. The Cadillac does not specify the capacity or total capacity it can use, although the motor that provides the motor is a 100-kilowatt battery. Cadillac estimates that the battery will offer a range of more than 300 miles on a single charge.  

Early M models will feature a 19.2-kW level 2 charging and 190-kW DC fast charging capable on-board non-board charging device. The former can add 52 miles in an hour, and the latter can add 76 miles in 10 minutes and 195 miles in half an hour. There is no mention of an 800-volt extra-fast DC charging system like the Cadillac GMC Hummer EV. Like the upcoming all-wheel-drive Lyriq variant, such a system is likely to be offered later. 

Using “passive-plus” shocks, the song rides at all four corners on the multi-links independent suspension, so it doesn’t use, at least initially, adaptive or GM’s fancy magnetic suspension. Braking is provided by 17-inch rotors at the front and 18-inch units at the rear, adding to the reception of the 5,610-pound crossover. 

Cadillac also gave us some basics on what devices will be provided with the first run of the song. Only two colors, one silver and one black, are available to get started, and silver will come later. We imagine that additional color will be provided in later song models. The interior comes in gray or black. Twenty-inch wheels are standard with 22-inch examples. Other high-end features include a Super Cruise, 19-speaker AKG Studio sound system and sound cancellation. 

Cadillac will start booking the song this September. Production begins in the first quarter of 2022. The base price of the song will be 9, 59,990, which reduces the Audi E-Tron to around $ 7,000 and the Jaguar-I-Pace to around ડ 10,000. The Tesla Model Y, on the other hand, is about 10,000 10,000 less and the Volvo XC40 Recharge is about $ 5,000 less. 

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2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road Road Test Review

For off-road enthusiasts, there are three-tier DRT models with multiple engine options, and you can also get one with a manual transmission. 

The Toyota Tacoma aka Taco is the first to be warmly called by its fan base. It is a practical medium-sized pickup truck and a road toy. However, its legend is often compromised by the latter, especially if Toyota’s floor is tied to reliability. Although most of its competitors are more refined and the Jeep Gladiator is more efficient, Tacoma has gained a cult following a difficult path: over time, customers deliver what they want. 

For off-road enthusiasts, there are three-tier DRT models with multiple engine options, and you can also get one with a manual transmission. That means you’ll find the 2021 Toyota Tacoma and the factory equipment you’re looking for on the road show. Again, if you can’t, there’s always a post-market scene. 

Toyota has given us the key to the Tacoma DRT to f-road attached to this DRT lift kit so we can get an idea of ​​what the owners should expect. 

The great balance for this special lift kit is that it is a little higher than your regular lift. DRT engineers tested and tested compatibility with the standard Toyota Safety Sense features at Tacoma, the only lift kit that has been tested to work properly with those systems. That means your adaptive travel control; automatic emergency braking, lane departure alarm and more will work exactly as they want from the factory. 

Toyota made this possible by adding a new radar sensor and a camera designed to fit its special grille. You will see that it looks like a DRT Pro grille with the letters “Toyota”. Toyota just pulled them out and installed black bezels to cover the holes, citing conditions. This seems lazy, especially given the efforts made elsewhere. 

The kit basically pulls the truck out, bringing the Tacoma 2 inches to the front and 1 inch to the rear. The new Palestinian shocks designed for this lift are designed to improve on-road vehicle mobility and on-road trivia. The front shock has extended elastic strokes to further the additional shock travel, and the rear shock has more shock bodies, with an extra layer of oil for better thermal dissipation. It also has a larger piston in the rear shock and a piston shaft for increased strength. If you look at the wheel wells, you’ll see “DRT Tune” graphics in DRT red dust boots and shocks. 

What will you get for this new suspension in terms of number and capacity? Well, the frame ground clearance will increase from 1.7 inches to 10 inches; the departure angle will increase from 0.5 degrees to 24 and the break over angle from 1.6 to 22.6 degrees. This will allow you to go a little further from the beaten track while doing -off-roading. This is similar to the DRT Pro’s position of increasing the height and having a height of 1 inch higher than the -off-rod. Also, the Tacoma DRT road f-road lift is beautifully worn. With the DRT Pro-Inspired Grill, you can fool everyone by thinking that your low Tacoma DRT road f-road is a precious and high-capacity pro at a glance. 

How Tacoma responds to this lift is predictable. It runs very high on the road. Some of Tacoma’s weird agility and mini-truck feel is diminishing as he spins back and forth with fast steering movements. Despite its small size, the fuzzy reflex makes it run like a full-scale. You still drive a smaller and smaller truck (which is very appropriate on city streets), but you have to pay when you jack up the truck. 

The quality of the ride is not better than it was in the factory. Toyota’s DRT-OFF-Road car is a mid-range Tacoma model with sand between the DRT Sport and the DRT Pro. -F-Rod already uses a Philistine tamper, the lift kit actually converts one set of Philistine into another. Unlike the DRT Pro’s magical and pillow-bypass-designed Fox shocks, this truck doesn’t turn into a jack-up luxury boat on bad pavement. Instead, he hangs on to the bumps and takes significant steps inside and out of each pit. It’s a truck, it rides like one. The rear end rarely pops out when flying on weakly muddy dirt roads, but there’s nothing unexpected about it. 

It looks like you are taking advantage of the lift; you have to go to the woods. We turned it somewhat and kicked off the track, the truck responded happily. It has buttons at the bottom and can be predicted on rough terrain, and the following fear is considered by the lift. Especially the tall perimeter we climbed seems to test the height of this truck, but it went to the top without a broom. We didn’t visit the challenging off-road parks with this lift, but you should find some tracks that are particularly demanding to increase the limit. Our test cars do not come with a filmed DRT front sliding plate and oval tube steps kit, but if you are buying a lift duty off the road, it is recommended to check the boxes. 

Toyota proved itself to be working to maintain the efficiency of its safety systems. Adaptive travel control worked without any hindrance, and read the road lines accurately in terms of road departure. We can’t standardize how these systems work in an elevated Tacoma without an improved sensor, but we would definitely like a truck with everything dialled in new truck height by Toyota engineers. 

As for the rest of the truck, it runs like any other Tacoma DRT off-road. The 3.5-liter V6 produces 278 horsepower and 265 pound-torque belts, making the Bell a little intimidating from its DRT exhaust. Whenever you go over 70 mph you hear loud noises on the highway, and the noise is not enough if your feet are bent down to compensate for the noise. 

Not so in the double-cap Tacoma’s with a six-foot bed. Most V6 4×4 Tacoma’s said they would allow it. 4 is 1,450 parts, but you have to pay to have it installed. The Toyota dealer estimates a wage of four to five hours and will have to work there as this kit is offered as the only dealer installed option. Your final price will be changed by the merchant, but if your merchant is more expensive, expect the total value to be above 1,800 after tax and 3 out of 2,300- $ 2,400. 

If the kit is installed when buying a brand new Tacoma, the warranty is good for three years or 36,000 miles. Installing a DRT lift kit in a used Tacoma and warranty is limited to one year / 12,000 miles only. 

Assuming you plan to get your Tacoma dirty, this DRT lift kit will make a ton of sense. You can save money by buying aftermarket elevators, but also buy DRT-designed and factory-supported products with safety, quality and reliability. Also, if you use your Tacoma as a daily driver, maintaining full functional adaptive travel control is a great boon. 

Even if you are in an elevator for aesthetic reasons, the DRT lift kit is an attractive option due to its DRD Pro-like grille and aggressive attitude. Handling defects are an unfortunate by-product, but they are inevitable with an elevated location. Finally, we are excited to see the offer of a factory solution by DRT. This is a regular reliable and very safe lift kit. 

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2022 Hyundai Tucson First Drive Review

Tucson’s standard active safety features in 2022 Hyundai Tuscon include emergency brake assistance, pedestrian inspection, lane departure warning, and lane keeping assistance and driver’s careless warning system. 

Take a look at Hyundai’s list of already strong SUVs, from mini-space to plus-size polycarbonate, you won’t find any shortage. It’s six in all – it’s more than a Jeep – and a combination of hybrid, electric and combustion engines work hard under the skin. But highlighting the company’s global sales volume, the right size in the middle of the pack is the 2022 Hyundai Tuscon. 

In the Hyundai portfolio, the Tuscon fits between the Kona and the Santa Fe although it is 1.1 inches longer, wider and 0.6 inches taller than its predecessor, with a wheelbase 3.4 inches longer than before. It also offers about 8 cubic feet of cargo space. This enhancement, absorbing the length and wheelbase of the Jumbo Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4, makes the Tuscon one of the smallest compact crossovers ever. The rear seat legroom is now 41.3 inches in the best class, the CR-V tops the list, while the cargo space is now among the class leaders. 

2022 Tuscon has a new aggressive outward appearance with numerous swellings on each side, muscle swelling, sharp folds, rising and falling accents, tapping masses and we’re still on the sides of the body. There’s a lot of action going on the Tucson’s surface, but we can never imagine it’s like any other SUV. 

The wheel arches are comparable to the angular Lexus NX, though made with a bit more precision. The silver spear hits the doors above a pillar, above the door, thickens the back, descends to the lift gate and will add luxury air. This little detail sounds like something you would expect from a Jaguar. The front-end shape, like the new wing, reflects its many-day running light LED elements (five per side) grille slates, and two lighting elements in each front corner make the new Tuscon front end more aggressive and attractive. 

Meanwhile, below, the rear, tooth or nail-like taillights are less on the bumper with progress signs different from the height of the rear glass, as Hyundai has been doing for some time now. All of this translates into a better, more confident look than you would expect from a luxury car, but not a single compact SUV, the maximum mounted price in the US. This welder weight is Hyundai back in the heavyweight design line from the corner. 

Even if the inside is big, the big idea from the inside is not necessarily the huge space improvement. Over the past few years, Hyundai has completely embarrassed other big and affordable brands in terms of interior design. The Tucson also comes with a three-level windshield, which helps prevent noise. This is another example of offering a luxury interior in a car at an affordable price. 

Although the 2022 Tucson comes standard with an 8-inch center infotainment display, each of the testers we ran had a 10.35-inch display and a digital instrument cluster of the same size. Although there is no hood on them for any scene, they are not affected by sunlight. Hyundai claims that the displays have glare treatment on their glass surfaces, of which we were initially skeptical.  

Tucson’s standard active safety features in 2022 Hyundai Tuscon include emergency brake assistance, pedestrian inspection, lane departure warning, and lane keeping assistance and driver’s careless warning system. Options for systems for blind spot and rear cross traffic, safe exit alarm, adaptive travel control and surround view monitor. 

Other technical and technological features include remote parking for tight spaces, remote start with heated and ventilated seats, Apple Pal Car Play and Android Auto Toe, available Qi wireless smartphone charging, deep object and natural language interface with environmental recognition and Hyundai. The new Tuscon’s custom navigation system is now cloud-based and the Bose eight-speaker premium audio Duo system is standard on three of the four trim levels (SEL, N Line and Limited). 

Hyundai’s Blue Link-linked car system has been stable for three years after purchase in three trim levels, but the basic S.E. It enables remote start, remote door locking and unlocking, stolen vehicle recovery system, window level and fuel level tracking, personal preferences and other functions through web portal, smartphone app and Alexa and Google support apps. A specific number of functions can also be controlled via the smartwatch application. 

Hyundai has reconsidered the powertrain strategy for the new 2022 model. The previous inline-force has gone 2.0-liter and 2.4-liter, and instead is naturally paired with 2.5-liter inline-4 and 1.6-liter turbo inline-for conventional or plug-in hybrid systems. Hyundai uses the usual six-speed auto with them, while many competitors adapt to the constant switching of their hybrid power units. 

For all the design and interior benefits, frustration with the behavior of the usually desired 2.5-liter engine seems overwhelming. Forget for a moment that the hybrid balance shows 226 total horsepower and the total torque is 257-pound-feet which is 187 hp and 178 pound-feet of 2.58-liter torque. Ignore the fact that hybrids consume about 30% less fuel than standard engines. 

Although the two powertrains show the same power and performance statistics accurately, the hybrid wins this race every time, as the four-cylinder is muted, muted and unsatisfactory compared to the pair paired with the 2.5-liter engine 1.6. Litter turbo and electric motor. It rates 6,000 rpm at the top end of the 2.5-liter engine’s breath. The feedback of 2.5 is excellent for inputs at low engine speeds, while lagging behind is weak. After working on both the 2.5-liter and the hybrid Tuscon, the giant powertrain takeover proves to be the best driving companion at every possible level. 

For those wondering about the plugin Hybrid Tuscon, EPA limit ratings and other performance statistics will be released later this summer near its sale date. Other versions have already arrived at dealers. 

The 2.5-liter gas engine comes standard with front-wheel drive, starting with the SE model starting at 26,135, all-wheel drive optional up to 50/50 torque front rear and up to 1.2-inch ground clearance, with a center differential lock. Stable in the all-wheel drive hybrid, it starts at 30,235 for the blue trim and goes up to 38,535 for the limited. 

The trim level starts at SE and pushes up to the expected volume-leading SEL. The Trim is only offered with a 2.5-liter standard engine, but it will only add visual elements to the mix without mechanical modifications – those with a talent for driving excitement won’t find it much. Finally, the top limited trim includes a wide sunroof, leather seat cushion, eight-power power front seats, heated rear seats, heat steering wheel, automatic wipers, parking sensors, blind spot warning and the surrounding view parking system. 

From the hybrid’s quiet driving approach, to all angles, including standard devices and space, the new 2022 Tuscon is more competitive than other smaller SUVs.