8 Precautionary Measures to be Taken While Driving in Fog


The weather keeps on changing every now. This changing weather creates a lot of trouble for the drivers and impedes their safety and well-being. One of them is the foggy weather that brings a lot of challenges with it. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about the weather, but certain precautionary measures can help you drive with ease. This article covers certain tips that you must keep in mind when driving in fog, listed as follows:

#Tip 1:Turn Your Headlights On-Always

Turn Your Headlights On-Always

The only thing that can help you see what’s ahead of you is the headlights. Ensure that they’re illuminated despite the time of the day. Headlights improve your driving in extreme conditions and make the brakes lights visible to those following you. Don’t use high beam lights. Most people think that using high-beam lights would fix their visibility issues, but that isn’t the case. High-beam leads to dense fog built-up and leads to glaring. As per National Weather Service(NWS), looking at what’s ahead of you becomes a hassle while driving with a high-beam. Using a low-beam light would be the best course of action in that case.

#Tip 2:Move Continuously or Pull Over

Those unable to see anything in the foggy weather would get the urge to halt the vehicle. Avoid doing this at all costs as the cars coming behind you might not know that you’re halting the vehicle. In case the weather conditions get worse, it’s better to pull over the car to a safe location instead of doing this amid heavy traffic. Being at a public place in a foggy area is better than pulling the car in a secluded area. In case you’ve reached the off-road area, don’t forget to turn the lights off. Keeping the lights as it would give drivers an indication that they’re in the lane, leading to a collision.

#Tip 3:Maintain a Safe Speed

During foggy weather, the objects become visible later than they actually should. Slow your speed down and watch the distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you. More space means more reaction time and keeping an eye on your speedometer. Sometimes you might get the urge to speed up as driving is very slow. Don’t trust your instincts or your eyesight; check the numbers on the speedometer.

#Tip 4:Avoid Distractions at All Costs

Avoid Distractions

One of the most important fog driving tips not losing your focus while driving. Nothing should deliver your attention or distract you from driving in fog. If something becomes a distraction, try to eliminate it instead of letting things be the way they are. The biggest distraction is the cell phones that must not be used while driving. Put all your attention towards the road and arrive at the destination safely.

#Tip 5:Keep Windshield & Windows Spick & Span

Fog is an excellent opportunity that allows windshields and windows to do their job. Fog results in moisture built-up on the windshield and minimizes your visibility to a great extent. The defroster must be in a warm to hot setting to help you get rid of the fog present on the glass.

Top-quality cleaning products would enhance the aesthetics and tidy the windshields up. You can buy them from a customer’s trusted car parts and accessories store online, ‘The Auto Parts Shop and drive smoothly in fog.

#Tip 6:Take Advantage of the Right-side Line Pavement Marker

A few things help you improve your visibility while driving through fog. One among them is the right sideline pavement marker. Avoid obtaining guidance from the center pavement lines as it would take you closer to the cars moving at front. You might face concerns while seeing them and vice versa.

#Tip 7:Apply Brakes Safely

Apply Brakes Safely

Driving in fog is an arduous task, and the drivers coming from behind might flash high-beam, which irritates your eyes. Therefore, ensure that you take this matter seriously and reduce your speed while driving.

Take extra caution while applying brakes. For example, don’t apply brakes spontaneously in heavy fog and apply brakes lightly. This way, you can alert the drivers coming behind about you.

#Tip 8:Postpone Your Trip for a While

If you feel that driving in fog will put your life at risk, postpone your trip for a while. Just like other weather conditions, heavy fog won’t persist for extended periods. Let it go for a while, then resume your trip. You must drive only when it’s safe instead of putting your life at risk.

The Bottom Line

Driving in fog would put you in life-threatening situations. Follow these tips mentioned above and drive in a hassle-free manner. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast before commencing your journey.

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