Audi finally brought the RS 6 Avant to the States and you can win one


The front-axle front-to-large V8, in practice, has no sense of front load on this wagon under star or turning country roads. The severity of this vehicle becomes clear after the first full trigger application. Those 591 dual-turbocharged horses are propelled at this speed, whitening the steering wheel for experienced enthusiasts. Its release control feature is a low chest punch and high jet take-off. The speed increases so fast that you avoid scratching the tire and are unable to lift your neck out of the seat bag. It seems faster at a rate of a few tenths of a second and there is no point in accelerating as the speed increases. It’s a shame we’re driving at this speed in Michigan, not the autobahn, because going at 190 miles per hour seems like it’s going to come fast. Keep in mind that you need a 500 8,500 carbon ceramic brake set to go up to 190 miles per hour, as standard brakes saddle you with a 155-mile speed limit. 

carbon ceramic brake

“The acceleration is obviously uninterrupted, but the sound coming from the RS6 is two-story. It’s a passive, baritone trumpet from the inside, but from the rear bumper, getting out of the game of choice feels like a heavy metal death jam. Gravel and rumble make it 10 times louder. “We’d love to hear it cut from the cabin. Thanks, the sound will die. Downshifts have to face slight cracks and popping, but if you don’t really fly under the radar to hear it. 

“The Audi RS has performed well over the years, however, the handling is a different story, especially on past A6-based RS models. On paper, the RS6 shares the weight as if the Audi has again become a 55/45 front-moving. The front-axle front-to-large V8, in practice, has no sense of front load on this wagon under star or turning country roads. The all-wheel-steering system and fast rack wagon weigh 4,960 pounds. 

all-wheel-steering system and fast rack wagon

“The smooth roads better demonstrate the RS 6’s handling capabilities as it’s carved into a full-body control angle with the suspension, but we’ll reduce the intensity and agility of the star reduction control to larger 22-inch wheels and air springs. 

“In a situation with low GS, air suspension is a godsend. No one can complain about this wagon in full comfort mode every day. We don’t have an Avant to drive with this RS6, but it’s hard to believe that wagons can drive around the city. The quiet V8 rumbles but if you keep the revs low, it fades into the background, and disappears completely when the lights go up and the 48.-volt lighter-hybrid technology goes off Engine. Audi’s priorities are in the right place because everyone who buys an RS6 has real wagon requirements Fast laps on the trail can be immediately followed by a long highway slack home, in which your child sleeps whole. 

Audi’s priorities are in the right place

In addition, when you enter this payment, you contribute to a worthy cause, namely, the Peterson Automotive Museum, which, according to Omaze, “discovers the history of the automobile and its influence on world life and culture, the museum serves as a progressive center for automotive research and collection, including reaching out to lesser communities. Your generosity helps the museum expand its educational programs on the site and expand online and develop new exhibitions, social programs and conservation activities.  

Maybe you ask yourself, what will he win? Well, there is no need to donate or buy first, however, if you do, your odds will increase dramatically: R10 will get 100 entries in this raffle, while $ 50 will get you 1000 entries and 100 dollars. 2,000 entries will be found. 

If you want this wagon to sit on your driveway, enter it here. The deadline is Friday, April 23, at 11:59 p.m. Don’t forget to use the GOGREEN300 code in the update to get 300 extra entries in any campaign, and don’t miss the chance to win K 10K for this payment or any other Omaze experience until April 21, 2021. 

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