Can I Change the Oil Without Changing the Filter?


The process of taking out large oil pollutants from the system is generally taken care of by the filter. An oil change is a simple process, while filter replacement is a complicated task. This is why most individuals carry out oil changes than filter replacements. The question is will anything happen if we change the engine oil without changing the filter? Let’s look at it in the subsequent paragraphs.

Why Perform Timely Car Oil Replacement?

Perform Timely Car Oil Replacement

Car oil replacement takes half an hour. In certain cases, it takes longer than expected. Most owners delay the task until an issue in the engine is identified. An oil change is essential and has highlighted compelling reasons for an oil change as follows:

Maintaining the Engine Lubrication

Piston and valves are the moving parts that lie beneath the vehicle’s hood. These move at higher speeds and dissipate heat. Think how faster the engine wears out while it’s lubricated. Change the oil quite often to keep the car lubricated.

Oil Keeps Engine Parts Cool

Not lubricating the parts leads to friction, and heat comes out from the system. Add the clean and optimum amount of oil to prevent issues such as overheating.

Engine Oil Takes Out Dirt and Sludge from the Engine

Engine Oil Takes Out Dirt and Sludge from the Engine

Over time, engine oil gets dirty and leaves the dirt, leading to corrosion and engine death. Leaving the engine oil unchanged would lead to oil sludging. Routine oil and filter changes would eradicate dirt particles, thereby helping the engine operate efficiently.

Surges Gasoline Mileage

An unlubricated car would increase the fuel consumption of the vehicle. Instead, clean the oil inside the engine and surge the gas mileage by 2%. This doesn’t sound like significant improvements but can help you save a lot of money over time. The best part is you can save upto 4L of gasoline every year.

Increase the Vehicle’s Lifespan

Increase the Vehicle's Lifespan

Routine maintenance would boost the lifespan of your car. Keep the dirty oil away from the car parts as you don’t have to work hard as it increases the likelihood of engine failure.

When It’s Time to Change the Engine Oil?

The oil change becomes bothersome but is to be performed on a mandatory basis. Try not to change the oil when it’s not needed. Factors affecting oil change are listed as follows:

  1. Driving style
  2. Car’s age
  3. Location

However, according to technicians, oil replacement must be carried out after 4800 km. Change the oil even if you cover a distance that is around 8,000 kilometers (5,000 miles) or more. Change both oil and filter to get the best results. Synthetic oil must be changed after 16000 km. Change the oil after covering 8000 km or do it often. If you have an old engine or drive at high speeds, try changing the oil as frequently as possible.

#Case1:If Reaching The Oil Filter Is A Difficult Task, Then The Filter Is Changed After Covering 24k Km While The Oil Is Changed After 12k Km

Most automobiles have positive displacement and gear type. This means that oil entry within the engine is unaffected by how dirty the filter is. Also, in the case of an optimally performing engine, the dirt accumulated by the filter is low and hardly impacts the driving style.

On the contrary, the oil will be abandoned by vehicles with old engines or sports cars, so an oil change would be highly recommended in that case. It would be best to install a differential pressure sensor and give the oil to the lab for inspection after covering 3000 km.

#Case 2:Is Frequent Oil Filter Change Worth the Effort?

Oil filter is significant for old engines in which it needs to be changed quite often. The filter collects the contaminants generated by the vehicle, so you can take advantage of the filter till the manufacturer specified life or half of its life. According to Honda, the filter must be changed as rapidly as the oil is changed. Also, filter replacement is cheaper, so the drivers often install new ones.

#Case 3:Changing the Filters When Oil is Changed?

The filter must be changed every time oil replacement is performed. Certain oils take longer to act; expect you to perform filter replacement without using the filter.

#Case 4:Why Not Change Filter Frequently?

Filter change mustn’t be carried out frequently. These companies that insist on you for frequent purchases mustn’t be trusted. You can get quality filters from customers trusted car parts and accessories online-store like ‘The Auto Parts Shop.’The store manufactures premium quality filters and delivers them in a day.

The Bottom Line

Air filter replacement during oil change must be performed, keeping the abovementioned cases in mind. If you’re still feeling confused about getting it inspected by a qualified technician would be the best course of action.

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