Car Smelling Musty: Know It’s Time to Replace the Cabin Air Filter


The musty smell coming from the car becomes bothersome after a while. Issues with the cabin air filter are the prominent reasons why that smell is everywhere in your car. Inspecting this issue is a job, and an individual can handle it on his own. It is taking place as there are cabin air filter issues. Let’s understand the underlying causes behind the musty smell in cars and take steps to mitigate the issues.

What Is The Underlying Reason For The Musty Smell?

The Underlying Reason For The Musty Smell

Unlike other parts, dusty filters have a limited lifespan. Their lifespan ends once the car has covered 20,000 km. The more you drive, the more contaminants get inside the car. If you’ve been driving on dirt roads or polluted areas, know that it’s time for an air filter replacement after 10,000 km. A musty smell comes out of the car only when there is an issue with the cabin filter.

Where Exactly is the Cabin Filter Located?

Cabin Filter

A Cabin air filter is located at different places in different models. In some cases, you’ll find it in the chamber of a cubby hole, while in others, it resides beneath the bonnet of a windscreen cowling. Refer to the user manual that’ll inform you about its exact location.

Signs Which Indicate that Cabin Filter Needs Replacement

A driver would experience the following issues with the air filter:

1. Musty Smell Generated by the Car

2. Dusty vehicle

3. Notice car fumes while driving

4. The air conditioner doesn’t work properly

5. The heating system is not giving desired output

It would be best to open the housing and have a look at the housing.

If the filter is dirty or has insects, it’s time to perform a filter replacement to help it run smoothly.

How to Change the Cabin Air Filter?

1. Take out the cubby hole and hinge clips or screws located at both sides of the drawer or box.

2. Let the box drop to a complete extent

3. Take out the faceplate covering the filter chamber

4. Take out the old filter and draw arrows that indicate the airflow

5. With the help of a vacuum cleaner, eliminate the contaminants present inside the filter

6. Clean the chamber and filter slide using a damp cloth

7. Perform the cabin replacement

8. After installing a new filter, the car would be clean, fresh and odor-free

Where to Purchase the Cabin Filter From?

The cabin filter price generally falls between $40-and $130.Some chains would charge you anywhere between $39 to $60; others will charge you $44 and $156.However, you can save money by getting premium quality parts from car parts and accessories online store like ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ and save money. You just need to enter the car’s make, year, and model, and the right part will come before you.

Why Perform Cabin Filter Replacement by Yourself?

Cabin filter replacement is a quick and effortless process, so one must carry it all by himself. You need to open the glove box, take out the hook, and move the glovebox down the footwell. Behind the glove box lies a panel with pins and hooks. Take the old filter out and insert the new one in its place. The best part is that the step-by-step tutorial can help you perform the process without hassle. Also, it allows you to save a great deal of money.

The Bottom Line

Don’t ignore the musty smell coming out of your car and determine the cabin filter cost before buying a new filter for your car. Ignoring would lead to expensive repairs in the future, and watch the tutorial to perform the replacement process by yourself.

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