Don’t Do These Things to Retain Your Car’s Value


Gone are the days when cars were considered a long-term commitment. We have formed the habit of changing cars every now and then. It is so because maintaining them has become a concern for many and their  life span is less compared to devices and mattresses in our house. If you want to obtain the best resale value of your car in the years to come, the experts at ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ have come up with some practical ways for you:

How to Calculate the Resale Value?

Calculating the resale value is an effortless task. Start by entering the car’s make, model, and trim along with the number of Kilometers covered by it. The results are calibrated based on the condition of the car. Check the car resale value online and take measures to improve it.

What Measures Can I Take to Retain a Car’s Resale Value?

Regular Washing, Waxing & Polishing

Washing, Waxing and Polishing of a car

If delayed maintenance is the underlying reason for degrading car resale value, you must start taking them very seriously. Also, very few drivers prioritize waxing and polishing tasks during winters because performing these tasks in winters would be a hassle. The most important thing is if you want to keep the car’s resale value intact, ensure that it undergoes regular cleaning and polishing. After a while, the paint wipes off of the car, so it’s vital to wax, clean, and polish the vehicle to enhance its aesthetics. Car washing is recommended regularly to prevent corrosion from taking place due to dirt & grime. Ensure that optimum quality polish is used to eliminate stains & blemishes. Waxing tasks must be carried once or twice a year, and a good quality wax must be applied on cars.

Make the Wheels Spick & Span

Wheels go through various things every day, such as staining, corrosion, rust, and pitting. Shining set of alloy wheels grabs the attention of the masses. One can get the idea of how the car has been maintained and your driving skills from the wheels. Check your wheels for corrosion and carry out a wheel replacement if their condition worsens over time.

Protect & Preserve the Exterior Plastic Trim

The quality of the car’s exterior plastic trim starts degrading over time. Since the trim is made of plastic, it is directly impacted by moisture, sunlight, and dirt & makes the panels appear ugly and dull. Keep the exterior plastic in top-notch condition with a tire and trim spray that would give it a glossy finish.

Keep the Headlights Spick & Span

Keep the headlights spick and span

Driving with dirty headlights can become a safety concern for everyone. Sometimes they become scratched and scuffed their entire appearance becomes hazy. This would impede their brightness and would become a concern for the driver. There are a lot of products that help you restore the value of the headlights. If you still notice haziness after cleaning the car thoroughly.

Enhance the Aesthetics of the Interior

The car’s interior undergoes a lot of wear and tear, and issues like scratches, stains, scrapes, and bad odor could degrade the car’s resale value. The car interior must be maintained in the same way as the exterior and should become an integral aspect of the cleaning regime. Start by vacuuming the vehicle’s interior, and dirt, dust, and debris must be eradicated using a crevice tool. If car mats start looking outdated, replace them with new ones to maintain their resale value. The upholstery or leather must be cleaned using top-quality fabric cleaner. Don’t forget to clean the dashboard surface using wipes, an excellent way to enhance the look & finish of the interior with plastics. Keeping an air freshener would make it look less smelly and attract many potential buyers in the years to come.

Resolve Minor Issues and Consult the Experts

Minor issues aren’t a big deal for you but would become a question mark on your responsibility as a car owner. These issues leave no stone unturned in degrading the car’s resale value. This would leave a bad impression on those who buy your car. Fixing the mechanical issues as they occur would save you from costly repairs in the future. Ensure that car is completely serviced that would show you as a cautious owner. The best part is that fixing mechanical issues would save you more money than the costly repairs that might pop up in the future.

Keep Documents in Order

Important documents, including Service receipts, MOT certificates, logbooks, and other maintenance documents, lie here and there in the house. Ensure that these are kept organized to avoid feeling struck when questions related to the last service or filter change are asked.

The Bottom Line

Take the steps mentioned above to get the actual worth from the car’s resale value. A car resale value calculator can help you determine the exact price so that you can take measures to increase it. In case of a faulty or a dead part, purchase the new one from the trusted store ‘The Auto Parts Shop.’

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