Everything You Must Know About P050A Code


P050A Engine Error code is basically referred to as cold start idle air control system performance. This code flashes on all the vehicles that come with the OBD-II system or those manufactured in 1996 till the present. You can find it on popular car brands such as Audi, Cadillac, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Volkswagen, etc. but not strictly limited to them. The diagnostic and repair work differs from model to model. The moment you see this code, the PCM gives you the signal that there is some issue with the IAC system.

The PCM is unable to control the RPM of the engine during cold start, and the P050A code starts flashing on the car. An illuminating check engine light accompanies this. In certain vehicles initially, there are multiple failures followed by an illuminating check engine light.

What are Some of the P050A Code Signs?

A P050A code is accompanied by the following signs:

  • An escalating or reduced engine level.
  • Engine stalling at idle state.
  • The acceleration pedal needs to be depressed before starting the engine.
  • Absurd tapping or popping sounds coming from the IAC motor.

What are the Common Causes of a P050A code?

The P050A  code causes are several and vary from the make and model of the car. Certain causes are common to all the applications and have been listed as follows:

  1. Carbon is built upon the valve pintle or on the throttle body.
  2. Issues with the Idle Air Control Valve or stepper motor
  3. Inlet air ducting is broken, cracked, splits, or hasn’t been installed properly
  4. The air filter element is filled with contaminants
  5. Unmetered air gets inside the engine due to leaks or issues in the vacuum system
  6. MAF sensor has completely failed
  7. The intake air temperature sensor has stopped working entirely.
  8. The engine coolant sensor isn’t working at all
  9. Malfunctioning or poorly performing Ignition system components

Is there any P050A Fix?

P050A Fix

Yes, the PO50A code can be fixed via troubleshooting. However, remember the diagnostic and repair procedures depend on the make and model of the car, so these mustn’t be performed without looking at the car manual. Below are simple steps that take you to the P050A code fix as follows:

#Step 1:Jotting Down Other Trouble Codes & Fixing Them

Take a note of the fault codes along with the freeze frame data. This information would help you in fixing the fault. If you suspect other codes such as P050B, which stands for Cold Start Ignition Timing Performance, fix these codes in the order they were stored. Sometimes the simplest approach to fix the P050A engine code is fixing other codes flashed by the vehicle. At times it’s 30 or more codes that lead to the P050A code and must be addressed & resolved.

#Step 2:Refer to the Manual

If fixing other codes didn’t resolve the P050A code, it’s better to refer to the manual and find the Idle Air Control Valve. Take the valve out and inspect it for carbon deposits. Get a top-quality solvent from a reputed car parts and accessories store like ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ and clean it, especially the Pintle seat area. Sometimes you need to separate the throttle body from the inlet track to eliminate the carbon deposits present in the inlet surface. Ensure that blow-dry is carried on every surface, and using a carbon vacuum cleaner is the best course of action.

#Step 3:Reattach Everything

Once you’ve cleaned the valve and the throttle body, attach the valve wiring again. Ensure that the unit is properly ground before performing the next step. The valve’s closing and opening must be carried out using a scanner and check the way the Pintle responds to the other regulating device. Avoid using hands for turning the Pintle as it would disturb the PCM’s position.

#Step4:Check Whether Code Still Flashes or Not

If the previous codes aren’t creating any issue, then try fitting the valve or throttle body again. Clear all the codes and scan the system again. Make sure that the procedures are followed in which the code must be cleared, or a complete rescan is carried so that the code doesn’t exist. Don’t forget to refer to the Manual before carrying out the entire procedure.

#Step5:When the Code Exists

In case you’re still seeing the code refer to the Manual to get information about the location, functioning, routing, and color-coding of all associated wiring, and carry out a thorough inspection on the wiring. The wiring or the connectors might have gone through the short circuit, corrosion, or disconnected. A wiring replacement must be carried out to prevent the code from appearing again.

#Step 6:Perform Other Checks In Case There Is No Issue

If no damage persists, additional checks, including the reference voltage, continuity, ground, and resistance, must be carried out. Ensure that the stepper motor or other resistance device isn’t missed during the testing procedure. The readings obtained must be matched with the values mentioned in the manual and ensure that the values are within the range.

#Step7:Consult a Qualified Mechanic

If you cannot determine the underlying cause of the P050A code, consulting a qualified mechanic would be the best course of action. If you possess sound technical skills, you can carry out a P050A code fix yourself. Ensure that the parts that have undergone wear and tear are replaced with quality car parts and accessories.

The Bottom Line

Don’t ignore a P050A code the moment you come across it. Ignoring them would lead to bigger problems in the years to come, and get in touch with a qualified mechanic to prevent the issues from worsening.

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