How Much Does a Starter Cost?


A starter motor is a crucial car component that rotates the car’s internal combustion engine to start it. The internal combustion engine depends on the inertia that helps it move to the next cycle. The first cycle is taken care of by an external source which is the starter motor.

The starter motor is an electrical device with an attached starter solenoid. The ignition releases an electrical current from the battery to the solenoid. The drive pinion moves out and meshes with the starter ring gear present on the engine’s flywheel. This process sends a charge to the motor to crank the engine and operate. Once the engine moves, the starter motor turns off and disengages with the starter ring. The standard starter motors operate intermittently, i.e., only for 30 seconds, as they start overheating after it.

Operating a car with a problematic car starter can be a hassle. It makes you feel stranded in the middle of the road, and these issues would cost a lot when left unattended. Determine the car starter cost and get these issues resolved for the smooth working of the car.

Average Lifespan of a Starter Motor


Certain cars contain a mileage pattern that leads to starter motor failure or wear and tear take place. For instance, if someone owns a Honda motor, accord, or an odyssey, the starter motor would last up to 150,000 km.

Signs of a Bad Starter Motor


A starter motor is a mechanical component that is susceptible to wear and tear. Resolve the issues before it fails completely, which would get you into costly repairs in the near future:

Vehicle Not Starting at All

The moment you turn your ignition and nothing happens to the vehicle; it is possibly due to starter motor issues. The clanking sound starts coming out of the engine or is completely silent. You would notice a clicking sound the moment you turn the key. One of the reasons is burning or complete failure. Only a car starter replacement would resolve the issue.

Starter Not Engaging with the Engine

Sometimes there are starter activation issues or engine cranking problems all of a sudden. It is a mechanical issue such as dislodged gears or stripped off and not engaging with the flywheels.

Erratic Starting

A healthy relay sends the current to the starter. If you notice issues while starting the vehicle, it is possibly due to damage or faulty wiring.

Grinding Starter Motor

Grinding issues with the starter motor take place as the gears wear out and might be due to a breakage in the starter motor. Both these issues can be resolved via replacement but before that, get insights about starter replacement cost.

Interior Lights Too Dim After Starting the Vehicle

If the interior lights remain too dim after starting the vehicle, it is because of a short circuit in the wiring. Current is generally taken out from other systems to supply power to the vehicle. If it is accompanied by a chugging sound, the bearings within the motor have failed.

Smoke Comes Out on Starting the Motor

The moment you start the motor, the smell of the smoke starts coming out of the car. The regular supply of current has resulted in overheating. Other reasons could be a blown fuse, short circuit, or something is wrong with the ignition switch. Ignoring the issues would damage the transmission, relay, or starter, so great attention must be given to it.

It is impossible to predict and avoid starter motor issues and must be taken to the mechanic to prevent issues later.

Fixing Starter Motor Issues

There is no harm in using a faulty starter motor. However, it is vital to get the car starter replacements to prevent breakdowns or costly repairs in the near future. Once the starter motor starts giving issues that are impossible to handle, it’s time to get them fixed.

The Ideal Approach to Starter Motor Replacement

  • Disconnect the battery of the car to prevent inadvertent shocks.
  • The bolts of the starter motor are removed while mounting, and the new one is inserted at its place.
  • Tighten the mounting bolts, connect the wire again and bring the level of the vehicle back to the ground.
  • Connect the battery again and turn the ignition on to check the smooth working of every part.

How Much Time Does the Starter Motor Replacement Take?

The replacement time depends on the kind of vehicle you own and its associated problems. The starter motor replacement would last for 4 hours.

How Much Does a Starter Motor Cost?

Starter motor cost is a crucial factor that must be kept into account before getting into the replacement task. The cost of building the starter parts again falls between $50 to $350.A brand new starter costs between $80 to $350.A reputed mechanic would charge between $150 – $1100.The cost depends on the make, year, and model of the car. Finding the starter of the car isn’t a hassle, and the starter replacement takes place in an hour. You need the right equipment and experience in case you want to replace the starter on your own.

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Wrapping Up

Determine the car starter price and replace the problematic starter to prevent issues from getting worse over time.

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