How Much Does A Third Brake Light Cost?


Psychologist John Voevodsky introduced the concept of the third brake light in 1974. This light was a breakthrough in the automobile industry and gave the drivers behind an indication that you are about to apply brakes. Drivers in the past used hands as a turning or halting gesture that threatened their life. San Francisco conducted a ten-month study on cab cars, and the results were astounding as there were 60.6% fewer rear-end collisions with third brake lights. This means with the arrival of these lights, the driving has become safer and helps you focus on the road better.

Like other car parts, you encounter a third brake light that breaks or fails completely. In such cases, you must start searching for experts fixing the third brake light near me. If you possess sound technical knowledge, you can fix these issues on your own. Also, we have compiled a list of common causes of brake light failure:

Blown Fuse

If all the brake lights have started malfunctioning, it is possibly due to the brake light fuse. In such cases, you don’t have to get a new brake light. Perform the following steps to determine the root cause of the issue:

  1. Start Looking for the Fuse Box

You can find the location of the fuse box in the user manual.

2. Start Finding the Brake Lights

Information regarding brake lights is mentioned in the user manual. Read it thoroughly.

3. Take The Fuse Out.

4. Check the fuse by flashing good quality light on it. In case a portion of the fuse wire is incomplete or gets within the sooty, it’s time to plan for a 3rd brake light replacement.

Short Circuit

Sometimes the issues aren’t just confined to the blown-out fuse. The short circuit is another reason that leads to 3rd brake light failure. Fuse blown out can happen again due to a short circuit. Finding the wire that caused the short circuit is complicated but can be resolved in simple ways. If you don’t want the condition to get worse, start finding an online store selling a third brake light near me on the internet.

Poorly Working Brake Light Switch

The brake light switch consists of dual wires and regulates the brake light circuit in the brake system. It is present near the brake pedal. If you are unable to locate it, find it on the service manual.

How to Test the Brake Light Switch?

  • Take an automobile test light and connect it to the ground. If you don’t have it, purchase it from a trusted automotive store such as ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘.
  • Start the ignition but don’t start the vehicle. Keep the brake pedal on no pressure and touch the test light leads with two wires present on the switch.
  • The test light will glow with one wire.
  • Push the brake pedal if the switch works properly; the light starts illuminating; otherwise, the switch is bad.

Burned Out Bulb


Those who own a car experience this issue quite often, and the issue can be resolved in simple ways. First, replace the old bulb with a new one, and the third brake light will start working again. Perform the following steps in case the bulb doesn’t work property:

Start Locating The Third Brake Light Bulb

If you are unable to find a third brake light bulb check the user manual.

Take the bulb out and Check the Bulb Cautiously

  • If you notice a cracked bulb housing. It’s time to replace the bad bulb.
  • In case of bad or broken filament. The bulb is not ideal for use.

Things to Consider Before Buying Third Brake Lights


If you feel confused amid so many third brake light options, then we have simplified the buying process for you:

Focus on the Specifications

Purchase a third brake light with a good voltage. The ideal voltage range is between 10 to 12 V with LED and Silicon, which has become the car enthusiasts’ most preferred choice. Invest in a red color bulb that gives proper signals while working.

Damage-Free Installation Process

Ensure that you invest in a 3rd brake light that doesn’t damage other car components and works properly.


The cost is a crucial aspect that must be considered before purchasing a third wheel light. The cost depends on factors, including the make, year, and model of the vehicle. The average cost of a brake light switch falls between $30 to $75.The mechanic costs will escalate to $80.You can save money by fixing the problematic brake light on your own. Get new headlights from a trusted online store selling third brake lights near me and pay the labor charges to the mechanic.

The Bottom Line

The third brake light is a crucial exterior component and needs to be replaced when the issue arises. Neglecting would give rise to big and costly repairs and also put the life of the passengers in danger.

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