How to Buy a Catalytic Converter?

How to Buy a Catalytic Converter
How to Buy a Catalytic Converter

One doesn’t realize the importance of the catalytic converter until it becomes bad. This is the most important car part, which performs the chemical reactions to take harmful gases out of your vehicle. Here is everything you must know about catalytic converters, and have shared some valuable tips on how to purchase along with the catalytic converter cost.

Working of Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters eradicate harmful gases, including carbon monoxide, Nitrogen Oxide, and Hydrocarbons, out of your system. These gases are then converted into less harmful gases like carbon and water vapor via chemical reactions. The structure of these converters resembles a honeycomb on which a coating is applied which is the catalyst. This catalyst performs a chemical reaction and makes the gases less poisonous. Three precious metals Palladium, Rhodium, and Platinum, are catalysts that must be taken out while the car is scrapped. These devices give optimum performance at high temperatures(400 degree celsius).In traditional vehicles, these converters were kept close to the engine. Now, these have been placed close to the exhaust system, thereby preventing it from heat.

Classification of Catalytic Converters

You would come across a variety of catalytic converters in the market. It is vital to determine the type before getting the catalytic converter replacement. Let us have a look at each one of them:

Two-Way Oxidation Catalytic Converter


The two-way oxidation catalytic converters are responsible for converting Carbon Monoxide to CO2 and hydrocarbons.

Three-Way Catalytic Converters


These are generally placed in modern vehicles and help to minimize the NO and Nitrogen Dioxide emissions. These two emissions are the leading sources of air pollution.

Common Catalytic Converter Errors

The catalytic converter is a very sensitive component. It has a short lifespan, high congestion levels, and poor fuel quality, which impedes the combustion process. In addition, the contaminants coming from outside enter the engine and clog the converter. A clogged converter degrades the performance of the vehicle and results in a breakdown. A catalytic converter replacement would resume the working of the vehicle. Check the converter for the following symptoms:

  1. The car doesn’t start even when you have stepped on the gas pedal. This leads to a lot of fuel wastage.
  2. Rotten egg or sulfur smell starts coming out of the car. The exhaust is thicker than usual.
  3. The lower section of the car becomes excessively hot and leads to valve leakage.

Possible Causes Of Catalytic Converter Damage

Catalytic converter damage occurs for two possible reasons: age and the second one is collisions. If you’ve been driving the car for ten years or have covered 100,000 km, it’s time to replace the catalytic converter.

Leak-based damage takes place anytime, and it is vital to identify it and get a new aftermarket converter. You can get genuine catalytic converters from online car repair stores that are authorized, such as ‘The Auto Parts Shop.’Enter the make, model, and year to find the desired car part. The price depends on the type of car you’re driving.

How to Buy a Catalytic Converter?

Buying the catalytic converter has become simpler than ever. You need to enter the manufacturing year, make, and model number to get the desired one. If you cannot find it, use the OEM number to get the converter that perfectly aligns with your car. You can have a word with a dealership like the Auto Parts Shop to get the part you’re searching for.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Catalytic Converter


Technology is growing at a rapid pace. With this, there have been huge developments in the converter technology bifurcated based on model type or car versions. Only the make, year, and model can help you determine the right car part for your vehicle. Ensure that you invest in a converter that fits and works optimally.

Select the Brand

After the catalytic converter replacement, it is vital to check it for sound and leakage. In some states, it is wrong to drive a vehicle producing a lot of sounds. A leaky or faulty exhaust joint has a hazardous impact on the environment. Driving a car with such issues can lead to accidents and poses a threat to the environment.


No one wants to be disappointed after spending money on the converter. Go for a device that comes with a warranty. It is vital to invest in those that come with or without oxygen sensors. A vehicle with an oxygen sensor must have a converter with a hole.


It is vital to get complete information about catalytic converter costs before finalizing the buying decision. Compare the prices and specifications offered by the converters before finalizing the purchase decision.

The Bottom Line

Don’t drive a vehicle with a bad catalytic converter and get a catalytic converter replacement for the smooth working of the vehicle.

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