How to Buy a Fuel Injector?


Rapid advancements have taken place in the automobile industry. Gone are the days when old vehicles had carburetors that delivered air and fuel to the engine. These car parts have been replaced with fuel injectors that deliver better output than the carburetors. This article contains detailed information about car injectors and helps purchase the right fuel injectors for your car.

What Exactly are Fuel Injectors?


The main purpose of fuel injectors is to deliver an appropriate amount of fuel to the engine. This is so that the combustion can be performed and the engine receives the desired power. The engine is a crucial car component and needs fuel in appropriate amounts to perform optimally. Too little or too much fuel chokes the engine, thereby making it impossible to start. The carburetors present in the traditional automobiles could not perform these tasks, and the need for fuel injectors arose.

A fuel injector is a mechanical value which  is controlled electronically. It is aligned at a certain angle so that the vehicle receives the appropriate amount of fluid. Apart from the amount of fluid , other aspects such as angle, pressure, and spray patterns must be checked to deliver the right amount of fuel to air ratio.

Both petrol and diesel engines use distinct kinds of fuel injectors. These are integrated into petrol operated vehicles that follow an indirect mechanism which is directly in the case of fuel operated engines. Therefore, it is vital to determine the type and the fuel injector price before making the buying decision.

Types of Fuel Injectors

The fuel injection technology is evolving at a fast pace and gave rise to several types of fuel injections named throttle body, midpoint, sequential and direct injection. The fuel injector’s price depends on the kind of fuel injector integrated into the car. Distinguishing each one of them is an arduous task, but we have simplified each one of them for you:

Distinction Based on Fuel

Diesel Fuel Injectors


Diesel fuel injectors spray diesel directly into the engine of the combustion chamber. These types of fuel injectors perform high pumping as a heavy amount of fuel is used by the vehicle. The capillary and nozzle of such fuel injectors are devised in such a way that these form diesel packets that spray fuel into the engine’s combustion chambers.

Gasoline Fuel Injectors


These injectors either spray the gasoline directly or through manifold intake that performs the combustion via spark. There is no need to use high-pumping gasoline, a lighter fuel than diesel.

Based on Fuel Metering

Based on fuel metering, the injectors have been distinguished as follows:

Fuel Injectors with Mechanical Control

Mechanically controlled injectors generally regulate the speed of the fuel injectors. The quantity, time, and pressure are controlled with a  spring and plunger.

Fuel Injectors with Electronic Control

The speed, quantity, pressure, and timing of the injectors are regulated electronically with the assistance of an electronic solenoid receiving input from the fuel distributor or the electronic unit.

Symptoms of a Bad Injector


The fuel injectors become dirty as the contaminants get inside it and need to be replaced. You won’t be able to drive the car with a problematic fuel injector or become entirely undrivable. Let us discuss the symptoms of bad fuel injectors and compare the fuel injector price before replacing the old one with the new one:

Rough Idle or Engine Stalls

Uneven fuel supply makes the RPM drop below a certain level, ultimately resulting in rough or violent idle. Too low RPM makes the vehicle stall and needs to be started again.

Engine Vibrations

The adjacent cylinder won’t be able to fire with a bad fuel injector. The engine without fuel will vibrate or hiccup after completing every cycle.

Engine Misfires

The engine is unable to obtain enough fluid due to a clogged injector. Accelerating would be a hassle or step on the gas pedal, which will pause. Buy the injector in case the condition of the old ones is worse or the engine will overheat when air to fuel mixture is upset.

Have a Look at the Engine Light

An illuminating check engine light on the dashboard is a cause of concern for you. Several reasons can be held responsible for it, problematic car injector is one of them. Determine the root cause using an ODB2 scanner.

Fuel Leak

If the fuel engine breaks or cracks due to damage or old age, gasoline leakage takes place. It is difficult for the fuel to reach the nozzle, and the leak takes place in the body.

Foul Smell from Fuel

The damaged injector is the primary reason behind the non-burning gasoline. At times fuel lines are the root cause of the issue or a faulty sensor making the injector draw more fuel than actually required. Get the issue resolved as it would give rise to bigger problems.

An Engine Surge

The injector spraying too much fuel in the engine’s cylinder would create an engine surge and reduce the acceleration. In such cases, the engine RPM won’t remain constant and keeps on changing.

Bad Fuel Economy

The engine doesn’t receive an appropriate amount of fuel for combustion, which creates more pressure on the car injector for fuel supply. This ultimately leads to poor fuel economy of the car. You may think that the car ECU requires fuel which isn’t the case in reality.

Failed Emission Test Results

A leaky or broken fuel injector leads to uneven or incomplete fuel burn resulting in increased emissions. In certain cases, the injector leak makes the air to fuel mixture so rich that it burns the catalytic converter.

Get the bad fuel injector inspected and plan for its replacement for the smooth working of the car. Don’t forget to compare the fuel injector price before making the final decision.

How to Buy the Fuel Injector?

You can find the right fuel injector for your vehicle by yourself. All you need to enter is the make, year, and model number of the vehicle. Alternatively, enter the OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturing) number to get the part that fits perfectly in the car. Call the dealership, share your VIN number and obtain the OEM number from them.

Fuel Injector Sets


Replacing other injectors with bad ones is a wise approach as per the experts. Associate with a well-established car parts store such as ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ with years of experience in manufacturing unique parts at reasonable rates. Also, bring injectors that last for years.

Wrapping Up

Fuel injectors provide an appropriate amount of fluid to the engine. Therefore, they need to work properly. Fix the problematic ones and keep the fuel injector price in mind before purchasing the right one for your car.

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