How to Buy Air Suspension Parts?


In the past, air suspension systems were a part of heavy-duty vehicles like trucks. These have now become a significant part of automobile vehicles. These were excellent replacements for the coil springs that have airbags in them. Present-day suspension systems are a powerful combination of various components, including an air compressor, dryer, airlines, and solenoid that enriches the riding experience and helps get better control of the vehicle. This article gives you detailed information about the air suspension system and its associated components. Purchasing new air suspension parts is an arduous task, especially when there are endless options in the market. Keep reading to find the one that perfectly aligns with your vehicle.

What Exactly is an ‘Air Suspension System’?


An air suspension system has become an excellent replacement for the steel springs, which were a part of the suspension systems of traditional vehicles. The air suspension system works in amalgamation with an air compressor along with air struts and suspension airbags, thereby helping you control the feel of the ride.

Advantages of Air Suspension Systems Over Traditional Shocks and Struts

  • The driver has complete control over the quality of the ride. Those planning to get a softer ride need to set the suspension to yield the desired benefits out of it.
  • The biggest merit is one can manage the ride height at their own convenience. Present-day systems don’t let you do it on your own and control the ride height for you.
  • Weight management is another added benefit offered by the air suspension system. If you are carrying large groceries in your vehicle, the air suspension system would automatically adjust it, or adjustments can be made manually.

Categories of Air Suspension Systems

Double Convoluted Air Suspension


These kind of suspensions are primarily installed in front air suspension vehicles. These suspensions can handle more weight than others and have become a crucial part of heavy-duty vehicles. The structure of these systems resembles an hourglass as it has two airbags attached to a short stroke.

Tapered Sleeve Air Suspension


Tapered sleeve air suspension has become a crucial component of the vehicles with rear suspension and gives a smoother ride, just like luxury vehicles. These systems have a conical shape and adjust the ride in a better way than others.

Rolling Sleeve Air Suspension


These kinds of air suspensions have become a significant part of components with rear suspension. They are basically installed in sports automobiles.

Pressure and Ride Height Based Suspensions

Once you understand the difference between pressure and ride-based suspensions, you can integrate them based on your vehicle. A pressure-based air suspension system depends on the air pressure in the bag, which adjusts itself based on the vehicle. Ride-based systems come with sensors that manage the ride height properly. These systems 

What Concerns Do Riders Face with the Air Suspension Systems?

The biggest concern riders face with the air suspension system is the air leaks. The air suspension systems generally use air to maintain proper ride quality and ride height. Leaks taking place in the air spring or air suspension compressor would ultimately result in vehicle sagging. The question here is how to identify vehicle leaks. The answer is that during vehicle leaks, you would notice wheel play in excess and the vehicle body swaying. It is better to discuss such concerns with the mechanic instead of riding the vehicle as it is.

Present Day Suspensions Vs. Traditional Suspensions

  • These air suspensions have a wider range of air capacity and load spring rate.
  • The present-day suspensions offer better handling as the air springs adjust themselves to different levels of compression.
  • You can easily customize the suspensions, and adjustments based on softness and hardness can be performed without any hassle.
  • Air suspension reduces the wear and tear of the vehicles.

How to Find the Right Suspension Based on Your Vehicle?

It is difficult to find the right air suspension after entering the vehicle’s make, year, and model. There is one way to find it: enter the OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturing) Number, and the right part will be in front of you. Share your VIN number with the dealership to get the OEM part number from them. Choose a reliable store such as ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ while buying the air suspension system or complete kit as it would make these components last longer and stay intact in the years to come.

What are the Benefits of Installing Suspension Lift Kit?


If you want to increase the overall height and get extra inches out of ground clearance, install a suspension lift kit in your vehicle. This enhances the off-road performance of the vehicle and prevents the obstacles present on the ground. It adopts a steeper approach and is generally installed in vehicles with heavy wheels.

An air suspension kit has parts that lift a particular vehicle and provide instructions that make the process smooth. The package content depends on the car model you own, and some of these kits have parts generally not found in the supermarket. New suspension, drivetrain parts, and drive shafts are what completes the suspension kits.

The Bottom Line

The Internet consists of surplus information. It is better to buy the kit based on the vehicle and set a budget before spending your hard-earned money on them. Always associate with a reputed car parts store that would bring quality and cost-effective air suspension kit to you.

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