How to replace damaged Fender on a vehicle?

How to replace parts on a damaged vehicle

Heavily crowded road, blind turns, and bottle-neck crossroads, and congested pathways are the common places where most of the collision occurs and cars get fender bender accidents. These accidents cause minimal damages but they cause a big issue on the physical appearance of the vehicle.

Depending upon the severity of the damage, sometimes you need to do some minor repairs but sometimes the busted fender is beyond the repair condition, so replacing is the only option. You need not search these items by going out your way it is easy to search these items online that are compatible with your car body part.

If you are new to purchase these car replacement items, here are some tips you need to know to ensure you smoothly purchase.

Find the right fender replacement

Find the right fender replacement

The proper inquiry is essential before buying a replacement fender; it assures us of the secure and precise alignment of the adjacent parts. It is mandatory to know the area of the fender while purchasing your replacement. If your driver’s part is affected then there is no use to purchase the replacements that fit on the passenger’s side.

You can purchase fender individually at The Autoparts Shop, as a set, or as a full set.

There is a step-by-step guide to find the right fender for your car.

  • Choose year of vehicle, Make, Model, etc. this will filter your search results to verify the specific fit of the vehicle.
  • Name the part you are searching for a replacement fender into the search bar with the location of the damage.
  • Once you press the enter button, you will refine the selection of the replacement fender using the different filters. Search using filters, brands, price points, and more.

How to Inspect your Replacement Fender

Even you purchase packages, damages can occur then too. That is why we encourage you to inspect your order after your delivery. If you receive a package that is damaged, we assure you that we will wo

Even you purchase packages, damages can occur then too. That is why we encourage you to inspect your order after your delivery. If you receive a package that is damaged, we assure you that we will work with you to take care of it as soon as possible.

  • Seek someone’s help-Fenders can be heavy to lift alone, so ask anybody to help you to carry the replacement part.
  • Open the package with full care- Take proper care of the packages while using a knife or box cutter, you may accidentally cause scratching on the surface of your replacement fender.
  • Check the content of the package you need to check that you have received the correct item or not. Check thoroughly to find out the reinforcements and padding inside the box.
  • Check the fender/s thoroughly– check fenders for any major dents at the corners and the edges. Small scratches are normal that can be corrected during the installation process. The fender part consists of a protective primer coating that needs to sand properly and get prepared for the base coat application.
  • Sign and make a note on delivery driver’s receipts- If you receive the product in the good condition, then get ready for the pre-installation process. Take care of some steps while signing.
  • Packaging
  • Product
  • Thorough inspection

Preparation of your replacement fender for installation

There are a few steps you need to follow before installing your fenders.

Sand the fender-using sandpapers, sand the surfaces of the fenders with full care without removing the coating, you aim to scuff the surface so that the primer can stick better on the surface.

Degrease the fender-remove all the grease from the fender using degreaser and do paint with static wipes to give a perfect look.

Prime the fender- applies the primer on the surface of the fender, and look for the scratches around the body of the fender, if you notice some of them, simply use primer and to smooth the surface.

Let the primer dry, sand the surface of the fender once again, degrease it and wipe out thoroughly.

After all these steps your fender is ready to paint and install. If you have any other queries related to fender replacement, do not hesitate to contact us.

It is always a good option that you should replace the fender before severe accidents. Because sometimes repair for the dented fender may be more costly and time taking than simply replacing them.

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