Is Driving Possible With A Bad Idle Air Control Valve?


What Is An Ideal Air Control Valve?

The vehicle undergoes stalling while it is stopped, which is generally handled by the ideal air control valve. An IAV(Idle Air Control Valve) is a significant part of the engine throttle that controls the amount of air getting inside it while idling. Unfortunately, these valves start giving issues like other car parts, and air valve prices are generally compared before purchasing a new one.

Symptoms of a Bad Idle Control Valve


A problematic idle control valve hampers the smooth working of the car and makes it undrivable. Below are the signs of a bad control valve that needs to be looked at and resolved:

Irregular Idle Speed

Irregular idle speed is the underlying reason behind the problematic idle air control valve. It is the responsibility of the air control valve to regulate and maintain engine speed at a constant rate. A failing valve or gives issues throws off the idle speed.

Illuminating Engine Light

Illuminating engine light is another issue that takes place due to a bad idle control valve. Checking the engine light on gives the driver an idea that there is an issue with the car. You must check the computer for trouble codes, an idle approach that helps diagnose the bad idle control valve.

Stalling Engine

Engine stalling is another indication of a bad control valve. In case of complete failure, it would devoid the vehicle of air, thereby resulting in complete stalling. You would suspect stalling issues while the engine is moving, or possibly there is no idling, and stalling takes place as soon as the engine starts working. The possible reason is the faulty idle control valve and needs attention. Consulting the mechanic would be the best course of action as he would eliminate the signs of a bad control valve from its roots.

Stalling Due to Load

Engine stalling takes place on its own, and excessive load often leads to engine stalling. For instance, turning your heater on with a bad idle control valve, your engine would begin stalling afterward. The steering wheel feels like it would start moving sideways. If you want to resolve the issue on a temporary basis, turn the AC or heater off. Let the engine cool for a few minutes.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace an Idle Air Control Valve?

If the voltmeter shows a reading beyond a normal range, it’s time to determine the air valve price and fix the issues. If you don’t have sound knowledge of repairs, take the car to the mechanic. The mechanic would charge both part and labor costs for you. Replacement charges cost between $120-$500.The part cost is between $45 to $400, the labor cost is only $70 & the mechanic takes hourly rates, which could exceed. The more complex the job is, the more the charges will be.

How to Fix an Idle Control Valve by Yourself?


Now you have identified the symptoms of a bad air control valve; it’s time to follow the step by step replacement process that will end these issues:

Step 1:Separate the negative battery from the battery and place it aside.

Step 2:The location of the ideal control valve depends on the make and year of the car. You can find the exact location by going through the vehicle’s manual. Mostly it is found present in the intake manifold.

Step 3:Find the wiring harness attached to the valve and release the electrical terminal from the valve. It would be best to disconnect it using pliers.

Step 4:Take each of the valve retaining bolts out.

Step 5:Clean the area using which you’ll attach the new valve. Ensure that the area between valve and seal is clean.

Step 6:Compare the old valve with the new one. Ensure that the wiring patterns, seal placement, and retaining bolt pattern are exactly the same.

Step 7:Attach the wiring to the harness valve again. Make sure that a proper connection is established and the clip is completely engaged in securing the connection.

Step 8:Attach the negative battery cable again. Keep the bolt tight so that no vibrations escape and start the vehicle to notice its speed. The speed range must fall between 550 RPW and 1000 RPM.

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The Bottom Line

If you feel that the mechanic repairs are going out of the budget, follow the step-by-step guidelines and resolve these issues on your own with step-by-step guidelines. Neglecting these issues would give rise to costly repairs in the near future.

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