P0080 Code


If your vehicle has some problem, then the check engine light illuminates and some OBD-II code will be generated in your vehicle’s dashboard. To solve the issues generated by that error code, you need to know about that error codes P0080.

Definition of P0080 Error Code

The technical definition of 0BD-II generated error code is Exhaust Valve Control Solenoid Circuit High Bank 1.

What does the P0080 error code mean?

For the best possible working of the inner burning motor, the valve framework opens and closes on different time at different frames during the cycle. For consumption stroke, admission valves open to permit the air and fuel to enter the chamber, while in pressure and force strokes both of the admission and fumes valves are shut. On the fumes stroke, the fumes valve opens to permit the fumes to escape through the ventilation systems. 


The present current vehicles are furnished with Performance on requests and cruising on efficiency with variable valve timing, contingent on the motor speed and burden. To control the valve timing, the ECM balances a VVT solenoid valve. The essential capacity of the VVT solenoid is to control the motor oil pressure application I the VVT head that is mounted on the camshaft. 

In the event that ECM sees a few issues in the VVT solenoid valve circuit, voltage out of detail, it will trigger the DCT, P0080 fumes Variable valve timing Control solenoid circuit high and enlightens the check motor light.

The possible reason for the P0080 error code

Depending upon the year, make and the model P0080 error code Occurs, some of the reasons are:

  • Faults in the Exhaust Valve Control Solenoid
  • Open or shorted Exhaust Valve Control Solenoid harness 
  • Poor electric connection of Exhaust Valve Control Solenoid circuit 
  • Engine level oil is extremely low
  • PCM needs update

Possible symptoms of P0080 error code

These are a few typical symptoms that arise when your vehicle is triggered with a P0080 error code:

  • Check engine light illuminates.
  • Poor  vehicle acceleration
  • Failed fuel economy
  • Variable valve timing disables
  • Car goes into failsafe mode

These are the common symptoms that are noticed in your vehicle until this error code is resolved.

The severity of the error code P0080

This error code can cause a problem in the variable valve timing, and it also affects the vehicle acceleration and fuel economy of the vehicle. The error code is noticed by the illumination of the check engine light. It also triggers the vehicle into failsafe mode.

How to diagnose the P0080 error code?

If your vehicle is facing some problem during running, you need to diagnose the reason for such issues:

  • First, scan the vehicle using the OBD-II scanner and verify the codes, and check if more than one code is present there.
  • Through diagnosing you will notice that freeze frame data is associated and freeze frame data tells about the speed of vehicle and engine, coolant temperature. After resetting this error code the vehicle will be taken for a short drive to check if the code returns.
  • If the code returns, then the visual inspection will be done to check any damage in the solenoid circuit connectors, wiring, or circuit itself.
  • If after replacing or repairing the damaged circuit wiring, the code is still present, then detection of the live data stream will be done with an advanced scanning tool to check the exhaust valve control solenoid performance under various conditions. 
  • If the solenoid clears the scanning test, then detection of ECM will be done to check the exact reason of the error code. 

How to fix the error code P0080?

 If you diagnose that your vehicle is triggering with P0080 error code, then the following repairs can fix the damages:

  • Repairing or replacement of ECM
  • Repairing or replacement of wiring harness
  • Replacement of exhaust valve solenoid bank 1
  • Fix the wiring issues of connectors

These days’ vehicles are equipped with Variable valve timing that helps to aids fuel economy and helps with the vehicle power and acceleration. This is a mandatory part of the modern engine.

Many vehicles have more than one bank of cylinders. These banks are usually identified as the left side of the engine near the driver’s seat. If there are issues in the engine P0080 error code is generated. If this error code is generated in your vehicle, it is necessary to take your vehicle to the mechanic and get it sorted as quickly as possible.

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