P0496 Code: EVAP Flow During a Non-Purge Condition


These days most vehicles have – board diagnostic system that helps to diagnose several errors of the vehicles. Using the scanning tool, you can detect the specific error codes that are causing problems in your vehicle. If your vehicle is experiencing OBD-II scanned error code P0496, it means that the flow in the EVAP system in your vehicle is at the wrong time. It does not affect the safety of your vehicle but can cause damages to various components if left unattended.

Meaning of the P0496 error code

P0496 code specifies that the EVAP flows during a non-purge condition and it means that there is some defect in the fuel or emission system. Purge flow is the last destination of the product where the fuel emission is emitted from the charcoal canister and flows towards the engine for burning. During this process, if the unplanned vacuum is generated, then the system triggers the P0496 error code.

Elaboration of the EVAP system

The EVAP plays a crucial part in the car that helps to prevents fuel vapors to escape in the atmosphere. Regulators and car manufacturers try to lower down the fuel emission of the vehicle and thus help to improve fuel efficiency.
Gasoline is the automobile’s fuel that evaporates quickly. If there is leakage in your engine hydrocarbon leaks even when your engine is turned off. These emitted compounds create pollution when they react with the outside air.


The P0496 error code is generated when your system detects some faults in the purge flow of the EVAP system. This indicates that the purging solenoid valve has failed the periodic test that is done by the engine to check its working capacity.
The evaporative control system reports to the Powertrain Control Module by sending diagnostic data on regular basis, as the computer performs several performance tests on the EVAP system and then processes further. If any defect is detected with the EVAP system then the PCM will report all issues with the computer and check engine light illuminates.

Possible causes of P0496 error code

The primary reason the P0496 error code is failed purges. But, there can be a lot of possible causes for this code to happen. Some of them are:

  • Defects in purge
  • Defects in vent solenoid/valve
  • Error in EVAP canister
  • Damages in EVAP or fuel pressure sensor
  • Faults in electrical connection
  • Defects in canister purge valve
  • Blockages in vapor canister
  • Defects in vent solenoid
  • Leakages in EVAP system hose (not every but in specified cars)
  • Shorting in the electrical circuit

Symptoms of P0496 error code

There are various symptoms of the P0496 error code, but they are hard to notice. EVAP is a closed system and it is difficult to spot faults by hearing the purge flow issues. Here are some signs that indicate there are P0496 error codes in your vehicle:

  • Check engine light illuminates.
  • The car faces trouble starting
  • Car is running rich in idle condition
  • Issues in catalytic convertor

The severity of the P0496 error code

The OBD-II P0496 error code is not as severe as other error codes, but you need to solve this error as soon as possible. This may cause problems while turning on the engine; this can affect the efficiency of the engine.
Some time due to this error, your car runs rich, and this can adversely damage the engine of the vehicle. The mileage of the car also gets affected by this trouble code.

How to diagnose the P01496 error code?

When your car is creating some faults while running, you take your car to the mechanics, they diagnose the P0496 error code by the following method:
They diagnose the error code using the OBD-II scanner tool and seal the EVAP system using the seal function of the engine. They note down the fuel tank pressure sensor readings with the off purging. If they found the mismatch readings set by the manufacturers, then it indicates that there are some faults in the purge solenoid valve.


For repairing the purge solenoid valve, they blow into it, and if air goes through it, then it is clear that it has some faults, so it needs replacements.
If air does not pass through the purge valves, it indicates that the problem could be solved. This also indicates there may be some issue with the fuel tank pressure sensor. To inspect the fuel tank pressure sensor, a scanning tool is used to monitor the pressure of the tank with the removed gas cap. If there is a vacuum in the sensor without the gas cap, it is clear that there is a problem with the fuel tank pressure sensor.

How to fix this P0496 error code?

If you diagnose that your vehicle is triggered with the P0496 error code, then to get rid of this error you need to repair the valve or replace the purge solenoid valve with the proper specifications.
If any issue present in your vehicle, do not ignore them. Take your vehicle to the mechanic and properly deal with the issues and make your vehicle run in good condition

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