Subaru Forester Reliability and Common issues


Subaru Forrester, is in everyone’s sight right? You rarely hear anyone complaining about this new car. They are family SUVs, they will last forever. Or so we thought. We saw a lot of Subaru Forrester complaints, it was very frustrating. 

The most frustrating Subaru Forrester complaints 

To make a list of the most common Subaru Forrester complaints, we went to the live source. Among the car complaints, those who bought and lived with Subaru Forrester listed their most annoying problems. 

Memorandum on car complaints and information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHDSA), if they list the problem, it is important to take care as it is their responsibility to keep our roads safe. 

 Subaru Forrester

Subaru Forrester transfer issues 

The 2017 Subaru Forrester lists several transfer issues. The most important issues are obstacles and absurdities. One driver complained about how many times their Subaru Forrester was going ahead when switching from park to first gear. The SUV had a slight delay before proceeding. The width was very violent; objects fell, splashed and dried up. 

The two drivers took their Subaru Forrester back to the dealership to update their software, but this did not seem to fix the problems. They experienced more drastic change and earthquakes. 

Another driver noticed that their Subaru Forrester was accelerating and finding it very difficult to shift into the right gear, especially when going uphill. As the steep slopes increased, the Subaru almost stopped and the software update failed to resolve the issue. 

Subaru Forrester engine problems 

About the mechanical issues listed in the 2015 Subaru Forrester. Before hitting 65,000 miles, the driver noticed that their Subaru Forrester was burning more oil. It burns a quarter of the oil every 3 km and adjusts them according to the maintenance schedule. 

Other drivers found that their super foresters were almost accelerating. Acceleration sometimes occurs when taking a backup, causing a lot of accidents. If other drivers hit the accelerator pedal too lightly, their Subaru Forrester will fly forward and increase the risk of an accident. 

Other drivers found that they had to move forward when they parked their Subaru Forest Park. At the dealership, Subaru technicians could not find the cause of the problem, so it was not integrated. 

Subaru Forrester Electrical Problems 

2019 Subaru Forester handles complaints on power issues quickly. We know this is shocking. Tile gate is impossible. 

The driver can only open their tailgate with a screwdriver. Another driver discovered that their tailgate could not be opened by pressing a button or a lock. They cannot open the tailgate manually using the handle. 

Subaru Forrester Electrical Problems

Another driver was found to be giving wrong and dangerous indications while driving their GPS. The manufacturer said the problem occurred before their Subaru Forrester reached 7km and nothing had been done about it. 

Driving on a gravel road in the woods 

Driving on a gravel road in the woods

Other drivers have problems at the infotainment centre. It seemed to freeze and go empty and almost restart art. Restarting the car will not help solve the problem. Navigation, radio, backup camera and more are hard to use. 

Final verdict 

NHDSA receives dozens of complaints about the engine each year. However, none of those complaints came to mind. Common complaints about the Subaru Forrester engine revolve around high oil consumption. The worst model year is 2014, which is receiving more complaints about high oil consumption. 

Unlike some other small SUVs, the Subaru Forester did not receive many complaints from owners. Some owners complain that the transmission is expensive and fast, but most complaints are centred on Forester’s interior, in which Bluetooth does not work and the power seats lose adjustment over time. 

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