Top 5 Female Race Car Drivers of All Time

For a long time, car racing was a completely male-oriented sport. In the past, you wouldn’t locate any female expert drivers in the dashing scene. A great many people have considered motorsports a man’s game since the time the start of the car age. 

Before some time, it wasn’t certain ladies driving pioneers made the primary strides, and now, you can see the best female race vehicle drivers contending close by men in all motorsports fields. These days you can see female drivers can drive as fast as the male drivers.

Here are the lists of 5 famous female car drivers:

Molly Taylor


Molly Taylor is an Australian female car driver who presently rallies in the Australian Rally Championship (ARC) for the Subaru Motorsport group. Molly’s 2016 title made her the principal lady and the most youthful driver to be delegated the Australian Rally Champion. 

In 2011, Molly participated in the WRC Pirelli star driver program in which she participated as an only lady driver and she was additionally one of most youthful female drivers to take part in the World Rally Championship. 

Molly has won various titles in the realm of Motorsport which remembers the Australian Rally Championships for the F-16 Class for 2007 and 2008, British Ladies Rally Champion in 2009. Molly also took part in the 2013 FIA European Rally Championship.

Pat Moss


Pat Moss is a five-time European Ladies’ Rally Champion and one of the greater part of fruitful female rally driver ever. Pat began dashing a Morris Minor nicknamed “Granny” in public revitalizes and later British Motoring Corporation welcomed her to partake in greater occasions.  

In 1958, Pat was the known lady driver who completed a large fourth in the RAC rally by her Morris. In 1960, she won the general distinctions driving an Austin Healey 3000 at the difficult street race Liège-Rome-Liège. 

In 1961, she completed second in the RAC rally, and in 1962 she completed third in the Legendary East African Safari rally driving a Saab. The best accomplishment in her profession was winning the Netherlands Tulip Rally in a Mini Cooper. She had three through and through successes and seven podiums in International Rallies.

Danica Patrick


 Danica Patrick is ostensibly the best female race driver in America. She is additionally the best lady driver throughout the entire existence of American open-wheel hustling. Danica has partaken in both Indy Car and NASCAR arrangement. 

Danica Patrick impacted the world forever when she turned into the first and the solitary lady to date to dominate a race in the Indy Car arrangement when she won the Indy Japan 300 of every 2008.

She made her Indy Car debut in 2005 with Rahal Letterman Racing and took third position in her introduction season rising to the record of Tomas Schechter’s for most posts in a freshman season. She was granted with the new kid on the block of the year grant for Indy 500 and the Indy Car arrangement in 2005. She started her NASCAR campaign in 2010; her best outcome in the arrangement was the fourth spot at Las Vegas Speedway in 2011. 

In the 2013 Daytona 500, Danica Patrick turned into the first historically speaking lady to take a shaft in the cup arrangement by setting the quickest lap time during the Qualifying. 

Patrick resigned from the professional racing competition in 2018 after finishing the 2018 Daytona 500 and Indy 500.

Jutta Kleinschmidt


 Jutta Kleinschmidt was German contender and was most popular for her achievement in rough terrain occasions. You may recognize her name from the Paris Dakar Rally. Initially, she learned at Isny Polytech and studied material science. After some time, she proceeded to work for BMW. 

The first occasion when she dashed was in 1988 with a BMW cruiser. She participated with bikes quickly in 1988, 1992, and 1994 preceding changing to cars. In 1995, she started hustling and even had a podium finish in 1997. 

At that point, she won the Paris Dakar Rally in 2001she places her name on any list of the best female race vehicle drivers. She was the only lady and the simply German to win this renowned assembly. What’s more, she used Mitsubishi to dominate the race.

Janet Guthrie


Janet Guthrie, alongside Danica Patrick, is the solitary ladies to have driven in both NASCAR and Indy Car. She is likewise the main lady to contend in a NASCAR superspeedway race, making her presentation at the 1976 World 600. Before being a driver, Guthrie was a flight teacher, pilot, public delegate, and plane architect. 

Much more noteworthy, Guthrie constructed and kept up her race cars. Her vocation reached the end when she couldn’t acquire sponsorship, probably because of sexual orientation separation in the business. All things being equal, she stays quite possibly the most compelling ladies in the realm of racing.It is clear from the above lists that there are a lot of ladies who have attempted to accomplish the best position among the best drivers ever. They worked very hard to earn their reputation and show their skills in car racing, making their way towards the famous female car drivers.