P0340 Code Camshaft Position Sensor “A” Circuit Malfunction

Camshaft position sensors are the mandatory parts of your car. The camshaft position sensor requires the electrical connectors and the wiring connection to work accordingly. Due to various factors, some faults can occur in the camshaft position sensor that can adversely affect the other components of the vehicle. 

These faults can lead to serious issues to the engine of vehicle, if they are not attended quickly.

Definition of P0340 error code

The technical definition of DTC generated P0340 error code is Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction.

Meaning of the error code P0340

The CPS is an electronic gadget that is normally used in a motor to effectively and rapidly record the rate at which the camshaft is turning. This data is essentially utilized by ECM (aka the Engine Control Module) that can control fuel infusion and start. Likewise, the camshaft position can detect the cylinder position. Aside from this, the sensor framework comprises of real sensor, static part and pivoting part. 

When the motor is running, the low and high pieces of the teeth cause the hole with the sensor to change. This is one reason why the changing hole makes the attractive field close to the sensor change. Thusly, the attractive field can make the voltage from the sensor change. At the point when the driving rod position sensor becomes out of commission, the camshaft position sensor gives various controls of the motor parts with the utilization of timing of chamber distinguishing proof signs. 


The primary function of the camshaft positioner is to calculate the rotational speed of the camshaft and the position of the camshaft during that period. The sensor then sends signals to the PCM to transmit all these data. The PCM use this information to set the timing of the fuel injector and controls the ignition spark.

When the signal is broken from camshaft positioner and the PCM, the timing of the ignition spark and the fuel injector mismatches and PCM will store the P0340 error code and will trigger the check engine light.

Possible causes of the error code P0340

  • Broken, shorted wire in the route circuit 
  • Faults in PCM
  • Open circuit
  • Faults in crankshaft position sensor
  • Faults in battery
  • Faults in starter motor
  • Bad or problematic electrical connection of the camshaft position sensor
  • Open or shorted harness of the camshaft position sensor 
  • Faults in the camshaft position sensor

Symptoms of the P0340 error code

  • Engine power loss
  • Rough running or misfiring of engine
  • No start or hard starting of engine
  • Engine stalls while starting
  • Check Engine light ON 

The severity of the P0340 error code

This is serious error code because it causes problems in vehicle while starting. User can experience loss of power while driving. This error code can also cause damage to other components of the vehicle, if this error code is unaddressed for longer period of time. So, it is advised that diagnose and repair this error code as soon as possible.

How to diagnose the P0340 error code?

If your vehicle is diagnosed with several problems, follow these steps to diagnose if P0340 error occurs.

  • The main thing that you need to do is to visually analyse all the connectors and wiring in the course circuit 
  • Check for strength in circuit wiring 
  • Check the activity or voltage of camshaft position sensor 
  • Replace the camshaft position sensor when required 
  • Diagnose  the crankshaft  position circuit 
  • Supplant the circuit wiring or connectors when required 
  • Replace or analyse the PCM as required

How to fix the error code?

  • Repair or replace the camshaft position sensor circuit wiring if needed
  • Repair or replace the camshaft position sensor circuit connector if needed
  • Replace the camshaft position sensor if needed
  • Check and replace the crankshaft position sensor if needed.
  • Perform a tune-up of the vehicle before the replacement of camshaft position sensor, if you notice a misfire code.
  • PCM should be replaced or reprogrammed.

If your vehicle is diagnosed with p0340 error code, take your vehicle to the mechanic and get all issues solve as quickly as possible, because this error code can cause serious damage to your vehicle.

Trouble Code

P0011 Code: “A” Camshaft Timing over Advanced (Bank 1)

Definition of P0011 code

It is OBD-II generated DTC trouble code that explains about Camshaft Position “A” – Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance (Bank 1)

What does this P0011 code mean?

The P0011 is OBD-II generated generic code that specifies the engine control module determines that the bank 1 intake has detected more advanced features than ECM commanded it. This condition is known as over advanced condition that causes because of the retarding of camshaft timing.

This generic trouble code is generated on any vehicles that are equipped with an OBD-II system. This code is related to the variable camshaft timing components.


Variable valve timings and variable camshaft timing are the advanced technologies that help the engine to perform differently under certain situations. These technologies can result in more fuel efficiency or the need for more power.

When there is a problem in these systems several error codes generated, P0011 refers to the “A” camshaft in bank one. This error code signifies that the camshaft timing is more than the threshold and this condition is known as over advanced.

Possible causes of P0011 error codes

  • The camshaft and crankshaft sensors indicate that the camshaft is more advance than the ECM commanded it to be advance
  • Damaged camshaft timing components
  • Clogged passes in the oil control solenoid to the bank 1 camshaft
  • Due to lack of oil flow passages to become clogged
  • The camshaft get stuck in advance position
  • Faults in circuits
  • Faults in camshaft sensors
  • Problems in PCM

Symptoms of P0011 error code

You can notice the following symptoms when your vehicle is diagnosed with P0011 error code:

  • Check Engine Light is On
  • Engine stalls while starting
  • Poor idling time of vehicle
  • Difficulty while starting the engine
  • Excessive fuel efficiency
  • Engine misfire often
  • Failure in emission test
  • Wired noise from the engine

The severity of the P0011 error code

There may be many bad effects on your vehicle if it is detected with the P0011 error code. The functioning of the engine may get disturbed as in the engine stall while starting, hesitate, run rough, or have a hard starting condition. There will be excessive fuel consumption in the engine, carbon fouling in the engine. You can notice a problem in driveability and driving complaints related to a failed camshaft position.


A driving vehicle with failed camshafts can cause severe problems, so it is advisable to take your vehicle to the experts.

How to diagnose and troubleshoot the P0011 error code?

The error code P0011 is difficult to diagnose and involves various steps to find the root cause of the problem. Sometimes, you need to remove and check the condition of the camshaft position compartments.

Start by clearing the error codes- check engine lights illuminates for unknown reasons and clear the cause of the error code and resolve the issue. Note down the error codes as they may be the root cause of the problem.

Check the amount of engine oil- the condition of engine oil and the viscosity of the oil is a common cause of the valve timing problem.

You need to change the engine oil and ensure that it is replaced with good quality oil. Also, check the quantity of the oil and top up if necessary.

Check sensor and actuator wiring- check if there is a break in the wirings of the actuator and the protective layer is not damaged.

Check the wirings to the sensors and clarify that they are tightly fitted and they’re clean and do not have any faults.

Remove and clean crankshaft and crankshaft sensors-If the ECU has detected the error codes P0011, then it is clear that there are faults in crankshaft or crankshaft sensors.

Remove the sensors and clean them with solvent cleaner and take the vehicle for a short drive. If you had tried all the steps but you are not able to solve the problem then you need to investigate further. The system of every vehicle is different, so take out the camshaft position actuator to check if it is clogged.

If you are still facing problems in your vehicle, follow the specific test for P0011. Instructions are mentioned in your manual. These steps will help you to detect the root cause of the problem.

These steps depend upon the manufacturer, so make sure that you are following the correct instruction for your vehicle.