P0356 Code

The OBD-II generated error codes help you to identify the errors in your vehicle. If any error code is generated in your vehicle, it is necessary to understand the reasons, symptoms, and seriousness of the error code. And, it is also mandatory to take your vehicle to the mechanic and rectify the errors.

Definition of the P0356 error code

The technical definition of the P0356 error code is Ignition Coil F Primary/Secondary Circuit Malfunction. 

Meaning of the P0356 error code

Coil on the plug is equipped in the modern engines and each cylinder is equipped with a coil. The primary function of the Powertrain control module is to controls the coil.

If coil is put on the top of the spark plug, then there is no need for spark plug wires. There are two types of coil drivers that connect with PCM: one is for the battery feed for the power distribution center and the other one is for the coil driver circuit from the PCM. The function of PCM is to ground or unground the circuit to activate or deactivate the connected coil. The PCM diagnose the generating faults in the coil driver.


P0356 error code is diagnosed by PCM, when an open or short along with the driver coil is connected to coil#6. In some vehicles the PCM go ahead to shut down the coil’s fuel injector to prevent further damage in the other components of the vehicle.

Possible reasons for the P0356 error code

  • Faults or corrosion  in the wiring of the second cylinder coil pack
  • Faults in the ignition coil(s)
  • Faults in the spark plug(s)
  • Faults in the idle air control valve or electronic body
  • Damages or corrosion in the wiring that connects the second cylinder coil pack to the PCM
  • Faults in the forms of open or short in the wiring or electrical circuit of the second cylinder coil pack
  • Blockage in the Throttle Body air passages due to carbon build-up
  • Leakage in the Intake manifold vacuum 
  • Faults in the  PCM 

Symptoms of the P0356 error code

  • Check engine light illuminates
  • Loss of acceleration during driving
  • Abnormal vibration during driving
  • Engine misfire
  • Intermittent engine performance

The severity of the P0356 error code

The problems that are generated with this error code are not very serious but it leads to expensive repairs if not attended in a timely.

How to diagnose the P0356 error code?

The diagnosis of the P0356 error code is done using the OBD-II scanner to download all the error codes that have been stored in the vehicle. The next step is to check the ignition coil and the ignition coil driver circuit. All the wires that are connected to the PCM will be diagnosed. If the error code does not disappear then they will check the connectors to inspect if there is corrosion any other type of damages are present in the wire.


How to fix the P0356 error code?

The troubleshooting and fixing of the error generated by the P0356 error code are simple. Follow these steps:

  • Repair the vacuum leaks such as leaks in the cracked vacuum line or intake manifold gasket
  • Replace or repair the coil pack
  • Replace or repair the spark plug
  • Repair or replace any damaged wiring in the coil pack
  • Replace or repair the PCM (rare)

Error Code P0356 can cause plenty of drivability issues that are not safe for the vehicle as well as users. If you notice any of the symptoms in your vehicle, then it is the right time to visit the mechanic and rectify the error.