What Is The Best Year For A Ford Focus?


After making significant modifications in the Fiesta model, Ford is back with the Focus model, a newer and improved version of earlier car models. Technological features present in the Focus model are impossible to find anywhere else, apart from cabin modification a 13. An inch screen has been installed in the car, along with a complete digital instrumental panel. This model comes with a dual-clutch and would be integrated into every Ford model in the years to come. Let us dive deeper into the best & the worst Ford Focus years in detail:

What Makes Ford Focus Models So Reliable?

  1. There have hardly been changes in the Powertrain of the Ford Focus model, which comes with a three-engine setup and a front-wheel drive.
  2. The car has both six-speed and 7-speed manual transmission clutch with 1.0 L and 2.3L engines. The engine has an 8-speed automatic unit transmission instead of the DCT type.
  3. The car looks classy and stylish than ever due to the Titanium trims attached to it. It has a wide, vibrant black grille with a honeycomb pattern and horizontal bars with giant side vents.
  4. Ford Focus is quite spacious and accommodates up to 5 people. The model works on advanced machine learning and offers an exhilarating communication experience to the drivers.
  5. The Ford Focus price is quite reasonable and depends on the car’s make, year, and model.

The best Years of Ford Focus Models

Below is the list of safe Ford Focus Models that you must know about :

Ford Focus 2011


A person is making an excellent choice if he spends his hard-earned money on Ford Focus 2011. The car got four ratings out of 5, which means it is a “Pretty Good” model. You can spend money on the 2011 model and won’t be disappointed ever.

Ford Focus 2018


Before halting the Focus line, Ford has introduced the 2018 model, a model that you can completely trust. The model was given reliability ratings of 4 out of 5, and its scores in crash and rollover tests were phenomenal.

What Makes the Ford Focus so Unreliable?

Ford Focus 2007

Ford Focus 2007 is amazing, classy, practical, and sold at reasonable prices. However, despite being such an exquisite model, owners filed 700 complaints along with two recalls. Firstly, the alternator dies way sooner than its lifespan. This alternator hampers the smooth working of the electrical components present inside the car. The alternator issues frustrate the user so much that they replace it after every 18 months.

Another thing that bothers most car owners is the tires that are susceptible to wear and tear. The owners face such a situation under low mileage, and the owners have tried replacing them with high-quality tires, but their condition got worse faster than ever.

Ford Focus 2008

Most of the users believed that Ford Focus 2008 was a better model. The reality is different from the perception as 500 complaints were filed against it. Users have reported that just after covering 35,000 miles, the car needs a new set of tires. After some time, owners notice issues in the car AC system or the fan that doesn’t work properly. This Focus model dashed all hopes of the car enthusiasts and received a 4 rating out of 5.

Ford Focus 2012

Almost 5K complaints were filed against Ford Focus 2012, and the prospect buyers were expected to “Avoid the Car like the plague.”The power steering of the car died when the users were sitting in heavy traffic. Once the power steering fails, steering becomes impossible, and the wheel remains as it is. This issue takes place anytime and is impossible to handle.

Ford Focus 2013


If you think that Ford Focus 2013 doesn’t have any reliability issues, then you’re probably wrong. The Ford Focus 2013 issues aren’t as worse as they seem to be, but they are enough to list. The car received a “Clunker Certification,” which means that the car is untrustworthy. Even the owners experienced transmission issues, and drivers were unable to have a hold on the car. The issues appear once the user has covered 45K miles, and $2600 was spent to resolve these issues.

Ford Focus 2015


Compared to the previous versions, the Ford Focus 2015 is not that problematic, but still, one has to think twice before buying the car. The main issue with the car is a dual-clutch system that hasn’t been selected meticulously. Once the car has been accelerated from a stop, it starts producing jarring sounds. As a result, you might experience car problems even after taking it to the mechanic for repair. Ford has faced a lawsuit due to such issues and has to settle the matter in court.

The Solution 

Despite being so reliable, users faced so many issues after driving the car. You can resolve these issues by obtaining authentic parts from a trusted store like ‘The Auto Parts Shop,’ bringing reasonable Ford parts to you.

The Bottom Line

Issues in Ford vehicles could lead to bigger issues in the years to come. Associate with the car parts store online and help your car perform optimally.

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