White Motorcycle Concepts aims for the electric land speed record


The WMC250EV features an all-carbon fibre body shape on a billet aluminum chassis and is equipped with 4 hacker-synchronized electric motors, generating a complete of a hundred kW, or approximately 135 horsepower. 

Rob White, CEO of White motorbike ideas, plans to break the velocity file for in-house manufactured bicycle electric powered cars to attain this. The all-electric WMC250EV is theoretically capable of over 250 mph (because the call implies) and offers the basis for a series of avenue-going scooters and motorcycles that White plans to mass produce. It is to show that the technology works, and to accomplish that, WMC pursuits to defeat Voxan Wattman, who currently holds the land speed record inside the electric powered global Bike at 254 mph. 

electric WMC250EV

In line with WMC, the bike has three tricks, however the maximum placing is the aerodynamic skip-through design, which sends air immediately via the motorbike, now not just around the motorbike. In step with the employer, this design improves the aero overall performance of the WMC250EV by way of 70% as compared to the marketplace chief. Consistent with WMC, the playback function is also to be had on this layout braking supports the recovery of used power on the front axle. 

The WMC250EV features an all-carbon fibre body shape on a billet aluminum chassis and is equipped with 4 hacker-synchronized electric motors, generating a complete of a hundred kW, or approximately 135 horsepower. The suspension makes use of DSSV damper era. This is similar to that used in a few high overall performance avenue vehicles and is tremendously humble. Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 chooses out 15kWh battery Serve juice. 

“In case you need to show the world that you have invented a brand new aerodynamic idea meaning you can cross faster with a given energy, the nice way is to go as rapid as you could,” says White. “That’s why we created the most radical version of this concept, the WMC250EV excessive-velocity demonstrator, and challenged the arena’s velocity report. It’s electric as its zero excellent. Emissions power in the intervening time, however simply as clean as the idea of aerodynamics gives the advantages of efficiency hydrogen Or other future electricity supply. “ 

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

“The statistics are all champagne, however they’re now not surely a vital part of the story,” says White. “This generation permits us to head faster, but we can also move farther with the identical quantity of energy. This has direct and concrete benefits in reducing CO2. It destroys such markets. Thoughts are rare and, if a hit, can revolutionize the enterprise. “ 

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