10 Things Car Mechanic Won’t Tell


A car needs to be taken to the mechanic for routine maintenance and oil change. A car mechanic, an ethical individual, would highlight things that need attention from you apart from the maintenance tasks. They would present the issues so that you would see it as a bigger issue which is not. Besides this, there are certain mechanic secrets that you must be aware about and have been listed as follows:

Change Oil On Your Own

Change Oil On Your Own

Treating oil-changing tasks as Omelette making would be an insult to it. Reputed car parts and accessories store online would sell the oil changing kit is $40, which will be $75 when bought from the mechanic. The mechanic would recommend oil changes after covering 3000 miles, which is supposed to be changed after 10,000-20,000 miles in certain cars. Carry the oil replacement by yourself if you don’t mind getting dirty and getting rid of the used oil.

Ignore the Illuminating Check Engine Light for Now

An illuminating check engine light instills fear among car enthusiasts. A check engine light turns on due to numerous reasons, and one of them is a non-serious concern with the exhaust system. You can ignore the issues if your car emission components have started deteriorating. If the mechanic has given the instructions of ignoring the issues, try not to pay attention to them. However, if you notice that the matter is serious, don’t wait to get it checked sooner.

Perform Brake Job By Yourself

If you have been changing the oil themselves, know how to do a brake job. The mechanic won’t do the brake job because it’s similar to money printing for him. Also, brake replacement tasks are quite time-consuming, and the labor costs bring a great deal of money to them. The reality is that the job is very complicated and messy, especially when you don’t have a hydraulic lift. If you’re good with it, then perform this job by yourself.

Purchasing a New Car is the Best Option

Purchasing a New Car is the Best Option

Sometimes the mechanic would recommend you to buy a new car instead of driving the old one. A new car would be equipped with the latest technology and features. If you own a new car, the dealer will resolve the issue within minutes. It’s better to look at your budget than decide on investing in a new vehicle.

Install a New Infotainment System in Your Car

Buying an infotainment system won’t be the right decision for those with financial constraints. The dealership installs the latest infotainment system inside the car with the manufacturer’s assistance. Few mechanics deal with infotainment installation, and most of them are interested in checking the issues under the hood than behind the screen.

Best Shops Don’t Focus on Advertising

Best Shops Don't Focus on Advertising

Advertising is a way of giving business information to customers. Word of mouth can help you find the trusted mechanic promptly, but advertising gives them a reason to associate with you. Those with a healthy customer base don’t get into advertising stuff and still work wonders.

Must Avail Additional Services with Oil Changes or Tire Rotations

Technicians changing the car oil or involved in free-of-cost tire rotation might try to be aware of other issues in the car. They are very smart in playing the tactics as they take the tires off and highlight some issues with the brakes. Those with sound technical knowledge must check these issues by themselves or take your car to another mechanic for a thorough brake inspection & replacement.

The Bottom Line

If a mechanic informs you of an issue during the inspection, don’t take it seriously until you notice it by yourself. You can refer to another mechanic or do the inspection yourself.

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