15 Car Parts That Can Surprisingly Be Recycled & Reused


Recycling cars can prevent large amounts of scrap metal from touching the landscape and effectively reusing it.

Deciding what to do with older vehicles is difficult, but fortunately most devices can be reused. Metals that are carved inside the car body parts can be clearly removed and converted into cash by selling them, but you can also recycle most items. We specialize in scrap metal collection that can also provide a complete recycling service to help reduce the environmental impact by removing the vehicle. Here are the lists of some vehicle auto parts that can be recycled and reused:-

1) Engine oil- Engine oil of the vehicle never goes out; eventually it becomes dirty and unusable. By using special treatment, we can filter, clean and reuse the engine oil of the vehicle. It helps environment from being polluted as it prevents soil and water pollution by the engine oil.

2) Oil filters-These important components are designed to filter out dirt and debris when oil is used. You can replace the dirty oil filters timely, but they can be reused so they do not need to be allowed to fall off.

Oil filters

3) Auto glass-the window glass of the automobile is wrapped with plastic to give it strength. Due to the plastic wrapping the recycling is a little harder than unattached glass, but you can still do that. Glass that is extracted from window screens can be helpful while making fiberglass and other products, including bottles.

4) Engine and transmission-Even if the vehicle is not in the working condition, the parts of engine and transmission can be stored and reused. There is a high demand for low cost rebuilt engines.

5) Scrap metal-Vehicles can be made from a wide variety of metals, including chassis, rim and door handles. All the ferrous and non-ferrous metals that are used in the car’s body parts can be sold as scrap. These materials melt while heating, so the material can be reused.

6) BatteriesBatteries are one of the most recyclable materials of the cars or any automobile, because they are environmentally friendly and they can be recycled and reused. Those in vehicles are not separated.

7) Tires-Traditionally, tires are released from the most critical parts of the vehicle. Most people burn them, but it is very bad for the environment as it cause the environmental pollution. Now all the old tires can be turned into road surface material and reused.

8) Water pumps-These parts are completely rebuilt when broken, so they do not need to be discarded.

Water pump

9) Starters and Transformers-Like pumps, they can be rebuilt and reused. These parts are very expensive to replace old and cheap repairs and create good demand.

10) Plastic-Like metals, you can find a wide variety of plastics in a vehicle, from dashboards to bumpers. Most of these can be reused after disassembling the proper machine parts. It is important to recycle these components as they are not biodegradable.

11) Belts and chains-In the engine you will find a belt that works with various features such as alternator and compressor for air conditioning systems. Some vehicles also have a timing belt, although this can occasionally be replaced with a chain. The belts should be replaced from time to time, but those in good condition can be reused. Time networks are very durable and always reusable.

12) Rubber hoses-Like tires, hoses can be recycled and used to make other products.

13) Mats and carpets– Rubber mats are usually made from recycled materials, so reusing them is very good for the environment. Carpets are not biodegradable, but can be reused to protect the environment.

14) Windows, windows screen– Window screens and windows are difficult to recycle because they often get stuck between layers of plastic. In recent years, the design of vehicles has improved and glass can be re-installed and reused to make glass bottles, fiberglass insulation and other important everyday products.

Windows, windows screen

15) Mercury switches– Recent regulations have been designed to ensure that mercury switches are removed from vehicles before the disassembly process can proceed. Mercury switches are small switches that open and close electrical circuits and produce small amounts of mercury from them. In cars, they are mostly used for lights, especially trunk light controls, but they are also used for anti-lock braking systems. They have been discontinued in new cars since 2003.

Why is the importance of car parts recycling?

Responsible vehicle recycling is an important industry that benefits the people who live in it and desire it even if they are not driving!

Steel saves renewable energy and natural resources; It is cheaper and uses less energy than converting to a new one. Recycling cars can prevent large amounts of scrap metal from touching the landscape and effectively reusing it.

Responsible car recycling drivers are in great demand because they are the source of most discounted spare parts. Upgraded parts replacing parts can save you a lot of money on long-term vehicle maintenance. This can one day protect your own car from scrap piles.

What’s more, car recyclers have to pay for your old car, which makes selling your old car faster and easier. That way you know you are going to get rid of your unwanted car in the normal way.

If you want to get rid of an old car, make sure you choose a method that increases the amount of recycling.

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