The Lower Ride

What do you know about low rides? Lowriders have been a part of American vehicle culture since the 1950s. Interest and consideration in the subculture have expanded in ensuing a very long time to the point that lowriders aren’t simply found in the U.S.; they’re discovered everywhere on the world. 

The embodiment of a decent lowrider hasn’t changed after some time, however the understanding of one has gotten undeniably more refined in ongoing memory. There are various roads that presently come in building the ideal lowrider. Yet, on the off chance that one thing hasn’t changed, it’s the selection of vehicles among the individuals who need to get in on the good times. These vehicles have for quite some time been top picks in the lowrider network. A long time can pass, yet you can be certain that these rides will stay precious to the core of individuals who make this subculture as fun and as lively as it as of now seems to be.

What is lower rider?

A lowrider is an adjusted vehicle with a cut down body. These adjusted vehicles are by and large independently painted with marvellous, splendid plans, continuing forward wire-spoked wheels. Lowrider edges are for the most part more unassuming than the essential wheels, going down to 13 inches (330 mm). 

The word “lowrider” most normally alludes to vintage vehicles that are changed to stand low to the ground. A portion of these vehicles’ developers themselves distinguish as “lowriders” (with the feeling that they don’t drive lowriders—they are lowriders). 

Equivalent amounts of masterfulness and designing, the present lowriders are portrayed by various custom highlights. These incorporate gleaming edges, whitewall tires, sugar coat paint, pin striping, paintings, old-school velour or cowhide insides, and, obviously, water power. These are the innovations that permit lowriders to bob, go three-wheeling, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Lowriders have enormously advanced since their initial days, however quite a bit of what characterizes them is their association with the past.

Initial and reason of lower ride

The exact origins of lowriders are up for debate, with most citing Southern California as their birthplace. Others claim that lowriders really started in Tijuana, Texas, or New Mexico. In any case, lowriders cropped up in these areas during the post-WWII era of the 1940s and 50s. They were particularly popular amongst young Chicanos, who adopted the art of rolling “low and slow”. This was to go in direct opposition to mainstream culture, which focused on fast cars like hot rods.

When they were just starting out, these young Chicanos achieved lowered ride heights by cutting coils or lowering blocks. They even weighed down the backs of their cars with bricks or bags of sand or cement mix. But in 1958, California Vehicle Code 24008 basically outlawed low riding. The new law made it illegal for any part of a car to be below the bottoms of its rims. By overhauling these vehicles in manners that conflict with their planned purposes and in work of art their vehicles so they reflect and hold implications from Mexican culture, lowriders make social and political explanations that conflict with the more common Anglo culture. However, this brought about a backfire: the institution of Section 24008 of the California Vehicle Code on January 1, 1958, which made it unlawful to work any vehicle altered so that any part was lower than the bottoms of its wheel edges.

Best lower rides

Here are some of the famous low rides, take a look:


The 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air is a go-to classic, in case you’re hoping to have some lowrider fun. It’s one of the most mainstream models of now is the right time, and its conspicuous appearance, it included chrome main event groups, chrome bumper lances, and a Ferrari-motivated front grille, has added to its height as an exemplary among works of art. It helps that the Bel-Air flaunts a huge V-8 motor that can be redone in a few distinct manners. You can bring down the vehicle’s ride stature, toss in some extravagant wheels, and watch as the women slobber over your ride.

1964 Chevrolet Impala Ss’ Coupe

The vehicle numerous individuals refers as the “64,” the 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS coupe the lowrider way of life better than any vehicle ever. Its exceptional body style and brought down position imply that you don’t need to go over the edge with adjusting the vehicle to make it stand out. 

All things considered, there are various approaches to dress up the Impala to make it stand apart more than it as of now does.

Hyundai Elite i20

The Hyundai Elite i20 has consistently been an energetic-looking premium hatchback and it has been around on the lookout for quite a while now. There are a significant modest bunch of instances of adjusted Elite i20 hatchbacks in India.

Honda Accord

the lower slide

The more established age Honda Accord controlled by V6 petroleum motor got one of the most mainstream vehicles among the fans in India. There are numerous such Honda Accord cars and huge numbers of them are altered delightfully. This one from Kerala has been changed by 360 Motoring Kollam and it gets the N1 Concept air suspension framework.


Ask anybody in the lowrider network what low riding intends to them, and you’ll hear answers along similar topics such as family, pride, honour, regard, and riding from the heart. These are values profoundly shared by Mexican Americans and different offspring of workers. Numerous different societies can identify with these qualities also, which presumably clarifies how low riding has become as far reaching as it is solidly established.


How to organize your car?

Your car needs your attention, and for this, you need to take care of your car timely. Keeping your car clean and mess-free is not a difficult, time-consuming task. With the busy schedule, car cleaning is always on the last priority list.

Just implement a few car organization hacks, tips, and tricks that will help you to get a mess-free car and also saves a lot of time.

Clean it weekly- This is the simplest yet powerful trick to clean your car on the regular basis. Fix a day in a week to wash your car, and do the deep cleaning. And after the deep cleaning, it will not engage your much time for cleaning. It will create the habit of cleaning and organizing the car regularly.

Keep cup holder clean with cup liners

How to organize your car

Cup holders get messy with the wrappers, crumbs, toys, and sachets. You can insert silicon cupcake liners inside the cup holders to grab everything. Take them out, clean them, and insert them again.

Store the plastic bags in tissue box

How to organize your car

Needs are un-invite able, you never know, when you need plastic bags in mid-way. You may need plastic bags in many ways, such as to pack the open packets, or when any passenger feels sick during traveling. So, to keep your car organized, store plastic bags in the tissue box.

Keep paperwork in order

How to organize your car

Always arrange your paperwork in order; some paperwork belongs to your cars, such as registration, insurance proof, car owner’s manual, and service records. Purchase a file organizer and keep all necessary paperwork inside it. Label all sections of the organizer that will help you to locate quickly the files, when you need them. Keep all files in the glove compartment, side pocket, or the center console.

Designate a trash can in the car

How to organize your car

Having a lot of trash and no proper place to put it can make your car look like a dump in no time. So, define a specific place to dump all the trash, you can put a specific trash can to collect all the trash.

Make space for an emergency kit

How to organize your car

If your car does not have emergency equipment, you must purchase that. Your car should have a basic auto tool kit, a first aid kit, and emergency equipment. But before this, your vehicle should have a proper place to put it.

Store all emergency equipment on the top of the spare tires beneath the floor of the trunk of the car. 

Make a place for necessary supplies

There are some items, which you always need to have in your car, so make a place to store them.

Fix a specific place for all these miscellaneous items such as tissue boxes, maps, and other things that you can keep in the car at all times.

Bring minimum items to the car- The less you bring into the car, the less you need to clean. You should always keep your cleans and well maintained as possible. Attempt to limit the things that you bring into the car, whether it should be food items, sachets, packets, or anything.

Arrange the car necessities properly- If you travel on your vehicle for a longer period, regardless of whether it’s the engine or the wheels, then your garage storage should be coordinated and maintained. You need to follow rules on appropriately putting tires both in the carport and in your vehicle. If your extra tire is simply moving around in the storage compartment, this is an issue. Ensure you have everything for changing an extra stowed together in the vehicle and that any protection papers and such are flawlessly taken care of.

Habit of cleaning and organizing your car regularly makes your car gives hassle free look, as well as saves a lot time when you are searching any item form the organized things.


Driving without side mirror

Some drivers think that driving without a side mirror is cool!

Nowadays every car comes with a mirror that allows the driver to see what is happening behind it. That is one of the crucial features of the ride that protect us from many road accidents.

Driving without side mirror

Like other safety features, seat belts, anti-lock brakes, and backup cameras, side mirrors also play a significant role in the safety of the car. With the side, mirror drive can keep his eyes on the front and backside while driving. These mirrors also help in safe parking. If it adjusts, it increases the peripheral vision, which means drivers can avoid blind spots.

When the car mirror damages?

It is heart-breaking that you know all your driving skills, but you can’t protect the side mirror of your car. Accidents occur unfortunately, sometimes you safely park your ride, but another vehicle comes and clips off your side mirror.

Driving without side mirror

Minor collisions and scratches are also responsible for the damage of the side mirrors. These mirrors are very fragile, and they get scratches, even with minor collisions.

Even the most careful drivers also have to face this situation. So, you must be ready for this situation.

Steps to adjust side view mirrors

These days’ companies are offering us blind spot detection systems to scan the behind of the vehicle to improve safety. But these features are available on the newest and expensive cars, for old cars side and rearview mirrors are the options.

Driving without side mirror

People always adjust the mirror according to their height after sitting inside the car. That is not the correct way to adjust the mirror. That will only reflect the image that is already showing in the rear-view mirror.

Here are few steps adjust the side view mirror:

  • Lean your face to the left side and rest it on the window. Adjust the side- view mirror to get a proper view of beside and behind lane.
  • Move toward centre and adjust the passenger’s side mirror to get a clear vision

Benefits of having side mirror

  • Side mirrors increase visibility by showing what is happening behind your car.
  • If you set both mirrors with an accurate angle, they will give a clear vision of the road beside and behind your ride.
  • If the mirrors are far in, you will only get the vision of the car. But, if they are far out you will not get the vision near of your car, for instance, if any cyclist or bike is coming.
  • It is not safe to turn your shoulder again and again to see the behind view, so it safer to see in the side mirrors that enhances the safety of the vehicle.

Can we drive without side-view mirrors?

Side view mirrors are an essential feature of the car that enhances the safety of the ride. These side- views mirrors are attached outside the ride with drivers and passengers doors. These mirrors give the view of beside and behind the car that is beyond the driver’s vision. They get clear visibility about the blind spots.

You can adjust these mirrors according to your comfort zone. In some cars, these mirrors adjust through an electronic switch.

It is never a great idea to drive without a side-view mirror because while traveling you want to turn your vehicle to the right or left, or you want to change your lane, then you will have to move your shoulder from front to these directions, and this will increase the chances of an accident. So, it is not safe to drive without a side mirror.

How to repair the damaged side mirrors?

If your side mirror is damage you can repair it with some simple steps.

  • Find a replacement for the broken glass.
  • Remove the old assembly and clean all the broken parts of the glass carefully.
  • Unclip the wiring and unscrew the bolts that hold the mirror.
  • Place the new mirror and screw the bolts to replace the new mirror with the old one.

These are the steps to replace the mirror, otherwise, visit the garage to repair your side view mirror.

Is it legally safe to drive without side-view mirrors?

Every state government have their particular traffic rules. Most of the states have the rule that you require at least two mirrors that will provide you a clear vision of the lane. That signifies that you are legal only to drive with two side mirrors for safety purposes. It is difficult to drive without or damaged side-view mirror.

The best option is to replace your damaged mirror. It is easy to repair or replace the mirror.