Driving without side mirror

Driving without side mirror

Some drivers think that driving without a side mirror is cool!

Nowadays every car comes with a mirror that allows the driver to see what is happening behind it. That is one of the crucial features of the ride that protect us from many road accidents.

Driving without side mirror

Like other safety features, seat belts, anti-lock brakes, and backup cameras, side mirrors also play a significant role in the safety of the car. With the side, mirror drive can keep his eyes on the front and backside while driving. These mirrors also help in safe parking. If it adjusts, it increases the peripheral vision, which means drivers can avoid blind spots.

When the car mirror damages?

It is heart-breaking that you know all your driving skills, but you can’t protect the side mirror of your car. Accidents occur unfortunately, sometimes you safely park your ride, but another vehicle comes and clips off your side mirror.

It is heart-breaking that you know all your driving skills

Minor collisions and scratches are also responsible for the damage of the side mirrors. These mirrors are very fragile, and they get scratches, even with minor collisions.

Even the most careful drivers also have to face this situation. So, you must be ready for this situation.

Steps to adjust side view mirrors

These days’ companies are offering us blind spot detection systems to scan the behind of the vehicle to improve safety. But these features are available on the newest and expensive cars, for old cars side and rearview mirrors are the options.

Steps to adjust side view mirrors

People always adjust the mirror according to their height after sitting inside the car. That is not the correct way to adjust the mirror. That will only reflect the image that is already showing in the rear-view mirror.

Here are few steps adjust the side view mirror:

  • Lean your face to the left side and rest it on the window. Adjust the side- view mirror to get a proper view of beside and behind lane.
  • Move toward centre and adjust the passenger’s side mirror to get a clear vision

Benefits of having side mirror

  • Side mirrors increase visibility by showing what is happening behind your car.
  • If you set both mirrors with an accurate angle, they will give a clear vision of the road beside and behind your ride.
  • If the mirrors are far in, you will only get the vision of the car. But, if they are far out you will not get the vision near of your car, for instance, if any cyclist or bike is coming.
  • It is not safe to turn your shoulder again and again to see the behind view, so it safer to see in the side mirrors that enhances the safety of the vehicle.

Can we drive without side-view mirrors?

Side view mirrors are an essential feature of the car that enhances the safety of the ride. These side- views mirrors are attached outside the ride with drivers and passengers doors. These mirrors give the view of beside and behind the car that is beyond the driver’s vision. They get clear visibility about the blind spots.

You can adjust these mirrors according to your comfort zone. In some cars, these mirrors adjust through an electronic switch.

It is never a great idea to drive without a side-view mirror because while traveling you want to turn your vehicle to the right or left, or you want to change your lane, then you will have to move your shoulder from front to these directions, and this will increase the chances of an accident. So, it is not safe to drive without a side mirror.

How to repair the damaged side mirrors?

If your side mirror is damage you can repair it with some simple steps.

  • Find a replacement for the broken glass.
  • Remove the old assembly and clean all the broken parts of the glass carefully.
  • Unclip the wiring and unscrew the bolts that hold the mirror.
  • Place the new mirror and screw the bolts to replace the new mirror with the old one.

These are the steps to replace the mirror, otherwise, visit the garage to repair your side view mirror.

Is it legally safe to drive without side-view mirrors?

Every state government have their particular traffic rules. Most of the states have the rule that you require at least two mirrors that will provide you a clear vision of the lane. That signifies that you are legal only to drive with two side mirrors for safety purposes. It is difficult to drive without or damaged side-view mirror.

The best option is to replace your damaged mirror. It is easy to repair or replace the mirror.

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