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2021 Cadillac CT4-V is not the pinnacle of line performance-it is a 472-horsepower black wing. In this way, all the anger exploded in the downward direction. 

2021 Cadillac CT4-V is not the pinnacle of line performance-it is a 472-horsepower black wing. In this way, all the anger exploded in the downward direction. Cadillac heralded that the greatness of the past CT4-V will eventually be relegated to a more ordinary level is not a big deal, but the new CT4-V has not gone very far. To be more precise, the gap between this and the seemingly smaller CT4 Premium Luxury Trim are surprisingly small.  

You can feel the immeasurable power of the chassis and perfect suspension adjustment when you are in a hurry. 1 Compared to other sports cars, like you, the BMW 3 Series and the new Acura TLX, there is a lot involved in steering. Regardless of the driving mode, actual feedback is always weighted and filtered through the steering wheel, with almost no speed-based adjustments. At the same time, CT4 is much more mature than several high-priced pre-drivers, and it looks great in engineering.  

2021 Cadillac CT4-V

Bottom line from this: I’m really special because both cars have all-wheel drive and you need to drive them side by side with enthusiasm to tell the difference. However, this may not be the case. It’s perfectly reasonable that many people don’t notice the difference at all. However, the four-wheel drive point is very important, because CT4-V does not have a rear-wheel drive version of Magnetic Ride Control 4.0, which always has a big impact on the quality and handling of the ride. You can do the same here, but regardless of your taste, the ride quality and handling of the CT4 need a lot of help. Like the Premium Luxury 450T, the AWD CT4-V’s fixed “performance” suspension provides a good balance for achieving fast attack speeds in the mountains without hitting you elsewhere. Good shock absorption, neither rough nor rough. So I didn’t miss the magnetic drive control.  

CT4 Luxury

Similarly, consecutive driving can make a difference, but for these two factors, it’s basically about improving the driving experience or changing the overall impression of the CT4 as a great sports car. Not. You have to drive too much. Mountain roads on public roads will be more difficult than usual. This may not be the most surprising conclusion, because the CT4 Luxury and its $2,500 “450T” 2.7-liter engine option have little effect on the V’s 2.7-liter engine. The 450T has 310 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. V is 325 horsepower and 380 pound-feet.  

This is not trivial, but here we are talking about overfilling. For such a small car, both outputs are huge. Author: Motor Week I have tested these two cars from 0 to 60, but the V’s 4.8 seconds are only 0.3 faster than the 450T. I think this is certainly correct for me. For better or for worse, the working methods and feel of the two are very similar. The V has a lot of low-end spiel, but in fact there aren’t that many high-end ones, so this car should be faster than it actually is. So far my nonchalant response to the CT4-V has been high-end luxury. 

 It turned out to be inferior, but the problem here is that regardless of trim status, the 2.7-liter cannot be considered a high-performance engine. In addition to the power transmission, it also sounds like gravel and is affected by the same strange, distracting hiss of the turbocharged Westgate Chevrolet Silverado. This puts an end to the powertrain complaint (back to the previous topic), because the CT4-V has the same special 10-speed automatic transmission as the rest of the CT4 lineup. When sport mode is on, it will automatically recognize aggressive driving and configure more performance settings.  

CT4 Premium Luxury

This rewarding sport mode stays in a low gear, maintains a high speed, and downshifts enthusiastically when braking around a corner. This gearshift intelligence is comparable to some of the best automatic manual transmissions, even if you don’t get up to gear change speed. Alright, I’ve never considered using the included paddle shifters. If our long-lasting Acura TLX has 10 speeds, that’s good. Aesthetically, the glossy black trim on the CT4-V is definitely more modern and visually appealing than the glossy work on the CT4 Premium Luxury (top right). If there is a brand that can make Bright work successful, I think another case is the brand it created. Except for the V button on the steering wheel (which of course uses the highly acclaimed custom steering settings) and the choice of color, the interior is pretty much the same. These include the beautiful sangria red leather from my V test drive and the beautiful tan beige leather from my luxury test drive. 

What about the price difference? The problematic Premium Luxury 2.7 AWD has more comfortable and convenient equipment, so the price difference between the same items applied to CT4-V AWD is 49,665 USD and 53,465 USD. You may not have noticed for a $3,800 performance upgrade, which is not too outrageous. Many luxury sports car purchases can be done, not what you actually do. In this spirit, it’s relatively reasonable to get extra power, better braking, limited-slip differential, and rear-wheel drive magnetic dampers at a price of $ 3,800.  

Porsche or BMW, you could charge $ 8,000 for all of this. In the end, you shouldn’t complain to an auto company that offers customers multiple options. Cadillac accomplished this with the 2021 CT4. The name “CT 4V Series” may be more appropriate, but in any case, this car will definitely provide more performance improvements. Acura TLX A-Spec or earlier M Sport BMW and S Line Audi Don’t assume you need a CT4 with a V in the trunk to get an extraordinary sports car. 

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