Apple talking with CATL and BYD about batteries for its electric car


It’s unclear whether the discussions with CATL and BYD involve Apple’s technology or design. 

The latest reports show that Apple is currently in preliminary negotiations with Chinese companies Ningde Times and BYD on electric vehicle batteries. According to Reuters, the discussion may change, and it is not clear whether an agreement will be reached with CATL or BYD. Apple has established a manufacturing plant in the United States as a condition for potential battery suppliers. The report added that the Ningde era, which provided products to major automakers including Tesla, was reluctant to build plants in the United States due to political tensions between Washington and Beijing and cost issues.  


It is not clear whether Apple is also negotiating with other battery manufacturers. Apple, which has not publicly announced its car plans, declined to comment. Ningde Times, the world’s largest car battery manufacturer, and BYD, the world’s fourth largest manufacturer, also declined to comment. This American company favors the use of lower-cost lithium iron phosphate batteries because they use iron instead of the more expensive nickel and cobalt.  

Apple's technology

According to a Reuters report in December, Apple has been studying autonomous driving technology and plans to produce passenger cars in 2024. People familiar with the matter have previously stated that Appleā€™s Carplay planned EV may include its own innovative battery technology. It’s unclear whether the discussions with CATL and BYD involve Apple’s technology or design. The discussion took place at a time when the US government wanted to attract more electric car makers.  

The $ 1.7 trillion infrastructure plan proposed by United States President Joe Biden includes a $ 174 billion budget to boost the domestic electric vehicle market through incentives such as tax credits and subsidies from battery manufacturers. 

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