5 Ways to Protect Your Car Against Catalytic Converter Theft


History of Catalytic Converters

The prototypes of the Catalytic converters were introduced in France at the end of the 19th century. Amid 1950 mechanical engineer Eugene Houdry researched the converters exclusively meant for gasoline. Emission control regulations were introduced in the 1960s. Engelhard Corporation created the converter, and the part was actually used in 1975.

Role of a Catalytic Converter


Car Engine releases many harmful compounds, and it is the responsibility of catalytic converters to change them into less harmful substances. The converter generally handles the converter’s role of segregating unsafe molecules present in the gases before releasing them into the air. The converter generally lies beneath the vehicle and appears like a large metal box. Two pipes and a catalyst are involved in making the gas release safe.

What Actually Lies Within The Catalytic Converter?

Curious to know what is inside the converter? A catalytic converter is made of Platinum, Palladium, or Rhodium. Gases generally move through the honeycomb structure present within the cat housing. The metals serve the specific purpose of eliminating harmful gases from the car. You would come across two basic forms of catalytic converters inside the car:

Reduction Catalysts

Reducing Catalysts takes out oxygen from the Nitrogen Oxide that leads to pollution. Both Nitrogen and Oxygen are separated, which in turn makes them harmless.

Oxidation Catalysts

The Carbon Monoxide is converted into CO2 by adding oxygen to it.

Near the Car Catalytic Converter lies an O2 sensor that tells the ECU unit about the amount of oxygen in exhaust gases.

How Much Does the Catalytic Converter Cost?

Catalytic converter damage takes place due to two possible reasons the first one is age, and the second one is collisions. Once you drive the car for ten years or cover 100,000 km in the car, then it’s time to purchase the new one. The cost of the catalytic converter depends on the car’s make, year, and model. You can purchase it from trusted and reputed car parts store ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ that brings top-quality converters to you.

Complete Guide to Catalytic Converter Theft Protection


The catalytic converter is made, so it has become a common target of thieves. Adopt the following ways to safeguard your vehicle from catalytic converter theft:

Parking to Prevent Underneath Access

Most Catalytic Converters are stolen from poorly parked cars. Getting beneath the cars and detaching the pipes from the converter won’t be a hassle for them. Parking the cars near fences and walls is a better option than parking them anywhere. Ensure parked near the fence or the wall and ain’t blocking the entry of the pedestrians and handicapped.

Protect the Car with Serial Number

Some manufacturers sell converters by adding serial numbers. Identifying them won’t be a hassle and safeguards them from thieves.

Safeguard the Car Using Security Camera


Installing a security camera is the best way to protect your car from theft. Try not to install the car in the driveway, as enforcing the security restrictions would be a hassle. Nothing brings you peace of mind than security cameras that keep your car safe.

Park the Vehicles in an Illuminated Area

There is one more way that gives complete Catalytic Converter theft protection. Car thieves have heavy equipment, and stealing the cat is just a matter of minutes for them. Therefore, it’s better to park it in an illuminated space to prevent pinching.

Block Access Beneath the Cars

If you have a small fleet of cars, ensure that vehicles with high-ground clearance are parked closer to the lower ones. This is one of the smart moves to be implemented to give complete catalytic converter theft protection to your car. Anyone working beneath the car, the next target would be your car.

Get the Bolts Welded

You can ask the mechanic to weld the bolts so that it is impossible to take them out of the car.

The Bottom Line

Implement these Catalytic converter theft protection methods to prevent forgery. If there are issues with the car’s catalytic converter, consult the experts at the ‘Auto Parts Shop‘ and prevent them from bothering you again.

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