Seven Common and Costly Diesel Truck Failures That You Should Know About


Motorists prefer spending their hard-earned money on diesel trucks that produce more torque and waste less energy than their gasoline counterparts. However, these have a longer shelf life, which doesn’t mean they don’t undergo failure. Numerous issues, especially in present-day cars, have increased with the arrival of electronics and emission equipment added to them. Many of them are susceptible to pattern failures that weren’t known to most of us. Let us dive deeper into underlying reasons behind diesel truck failure, prevailing in modern trucks:

#Problem1:Bolts & Head Gasket Failure

Navistar International and Ford collaborated and came up with a 6.0L Power Stroke engine. This was a replacement to the 7.3L, but the 6.0L was a complete disaster. Despite the exceptional performance, the 6.0L engine’s weak torque was the potential reason behind cylinder head bolts and head gasket failure. The bolts don’t have adequate power to keep the cylinder heads filled with the engine block. Consequently, the gases start escaping the head gasket, ultimately resulting in overheating and other problems.

The head gasket replacement is the only way to resolve these issues. These repairs need 20 hours of labor, and $5000 is the head gasket replacement cost. In addition, the truck’s cab needs to be taken out from the chassis as this is one of the effortless ways to fix the issue.

How to Save Money On Head Gasket Replacement?


Head gasket replacement can burn a hole in your pocket. However, you can save money buy a part from a trusted store near you, such as ‘The Auto Parts Shop.’Also, watch some DIY videos to resolve the issues by yourself. Finally, pay the mechanic’s labor charges if you don’t possess sound technical knowledge.

Problem2:Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Cooler Failure

During exhaust gas recirculation, the gases are measured using a meter before sending it to the engine. This limits the combustion temperatures, and toxic gases are eliminated during the process. Introducing the concept of an EGR cooler in 04-07L engines was a good idea, but in the case of 6.0L with a rectangular design, the coolant flow was restricted. The coolant flow was inhibited due to clogging in the 6.0L engine.

Problem3: Oil Dilution and Cylinder Washing

Ford introduced a 6.4L engine that was needed and better replacement than the 6.0L engine. The best part is a Diesel Particular Filter(DPF) has been introduced that wasn’t present in any other Ford counterpart. As the matter goes to the exhaust system, it is generally inhibited using DPF. This filter works on a process known as regeneration and prevents the filter from clogging. A 6.0L introduces fuel to the exhaust using a post-injection strategy. The biggest flaw of the post-injection strategy is that a certain amount of fuel sticks to the walls of the cylinder gets to the crankcase via piston rings resulting in oil dilution. Lubrication in the case of fuel diluted oil becomes impossible and leads to reduced engine lifespan.

#Problem4:Duramax 6.6L LB7 Injector Failure


In the year 2001, Automobile experts at General Motors incorporated Duramax engines in its trucks. The 6.6L Duramax LB7 was a replacement for the 6.5L engine, which was installed in the previous models.LB7 is basically a stout engine, and something is always missing in the fuel system. A fuel injector failure affected LB7 so much that GM raised a campaign(#0439C) to highlight the issue. The truck experienced multiple failures, and the truck drivers paid expenses from their pockets.

#Problem5:Overheating & Head Gasket Failure

General Motors introduced another engine known as Duramax 6.6L in 2005. These trucks came with Modern Emission Equipment and a pre-installed EGR cooler. The cooler didn’t abide by the emission standards and was hardy upgraded, which led to several issues. The engine, when overloaded, leads to overheating problems, and the issue can be resolved via diesel truck engine replacement. Head gasket failure is another trouble caused due to engine issues. Many believe that there is some head gasket design issue and technical experts recommend replacement when such things happen.GM failed to fix overheating issues as it was under warranty, but after facing legal action from the consumer group, the makers changed the item.

#Problem6:Lift Pump Failure

Cumins brand is widely known for its pickup and semi-trucks.In 1989 Dodge, a 12V 5.9 Cumin truck, became a significant part of heavy-duty trucks. This engine model wasn’t replaced when the new 24V engine dominated the market in 1998. The 5.9 engine is deemed to be the best, but the fuel pump installed in the engine has become an issue for the drivers. Dodge trucks manufactured between 1998 and 2007 faced lift pump issues, while those manufactured between 1998 and 2004 faced concerns due to the pump’s location on the engine.

The fuel pump is a low-pressure pump that transfers fluid to a high-pressure pump. The faulty lift pump not only halts the car’s working but also makes the entire system fuel deficit, thereby resulting in high-pressure pump failure. Once the high-pressure pump fails, unwanted particles start accumulating within the system, and complete fuel system replacement will fix the issues in no time.

#Problem7:Engine Block Cracked

If you are planning to invest in the Cumins truck model launched between 1998 & 2000, check the engine block before making the final decision. The engine number 53 present at the side of the walls undergoes cracks, and diesel truck engine replacement cost escalates up to $10,000 or more.

Brazilian Company came up with the idea of 53 casts. Almost 100,000 blocks were manufactured, and several became a part of the application than pickup trucks. The court case of the blocks was resolved in 2011 also compensation of $500 was given to car owners. Engine replacement was an expensive affair for the truck drivers.

The Bottom Line

Every engine comes with different issues, and the root cause must be determined so that diesel truck engine replacement can be performed based on the issue.

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