6 Signs that Indicate You Have a Bad Water Pump in Your Hand

The water pump is a crucial car part that keeps the car’s engine cool. However, just like other parts, this part is susceptible to failure, and leaving the issues unattended would lead to costly engine repairs. Fortunately, water pump replacement is one way to fix this issue, but it isn’t a simple task. Check the water pump for the following signs and perform water pump replacement based on the results of the inspection:

Unhealthy Circulation

Unhealthy Circulation

The coolant circulates throughout the radiator and the engine via a water pump. Quickly moving and parts in close proximity often experience friction, resulting in heat production. Also, it makes other components warped, melted, fused, broken, and otherwise structurally compromised. The water pump comes with a pulley that moves with the help of an accessory drive belt, serpentine belt, or timing belt. A worn-out belt would impede the working of the water pump, and this water pump sign mustn’t be taken lightly. Sometimes impeller wears down due to contaminants in the coolant. Cavitation leads to impeller erosion and makes it lose its pump cooling ability.


A bad water pump often leads to leakage at the front of the car. Leave the car as it is overnight and see an orange or green puddle on the ground. Don’t think if there is no puddle on the ground; there is no leak. If the reservoir is low and there isn’t any leak, look at the oil using a dipstick. If the liquid is frothy or look resembles a chocolate milkshake, there is an internal water pump leak.


A loose accessory belt leads to whining noises that increase with the increase in acceleration. You can implement numerous approaches to resolve bad water pump noise, i.e., tightening the belt, replacing the belt, or replacing the belt tensioner. Grinding or growling sounds from the engine’s front means the bearing has gone bad. Sometimes there is a bearings failure, and a qualified mechanic can resolve this issue.


Once the pump fails, the engine starts overheating. If you’ve checked everything and haven’t noticed anything, check this one. If the low coolant light starts blinking, check it after adding coolant. If the temperature increases beyond normal temperature or the light start illuminating, pull over the car or call a towing company to take it to the garage. Turn on the heater to cool down the engine with radiator issues; this cooling trick won’t work without the pump. It would be best if you park the car.


If the smoke or steam starts dissipating from the radiator or under the hood, your engine is experiencing a lot of damage. Pullover the car and get assistance from a local shop. Ensure that the engine cools off as it is extremely hot and can put you in dangerous situations. Wait for everything to cool down before commencing the process.


A slow leak leads to gunk built-up around the pump. Check the coolant trials that move towards the pump or a gelled coolant deposit on the external regions. In addition, some water pumps have a “Weep Hole” beneath the pump shaft that starts leaking once the internal seals start wearing out. This indicates that the water pump has gone bad, and it’s time to consider the water pump cost before purchasing a quality pump from a store near you.

How Much Does Water Pump Replacement Cost?

water pump replacement

The water pump replacement costs approximately $550.In the United States, the prices may vary from $461 to $638.It usually depends on the kind of vehicle you own and where you take it for the water pump replacement. However, you can save money on costly repairs by buying pumps from trusted car parts and accessories store ‘The Auto Parts Shop,’ which brings premium quality and authentic parts. The best part is that parts will be delivered in a day.

The Bottom Line

The water pump supplies coolant to the entire car and must be replaced when it starts giving issues. Buy quality water pumps to help your engine stay cool for extended periods.

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