How to Maintain Sunroof of the Car?

Have you ever pushed the buttons and noticed the sunroof moving in a particular direction, making the car look more spacious. The popularity of sunroofs is growing by leaps and bounds. They have come a long way as their functionality has been enhanced before installing them in the car. According to market researchers, their demand is going to rise in the upcoming years.

Proper maintenance can make these sunroofs perform optimally. Experts at reputed car parts and accessories have come up with maintenance tips that would prevent your car from leaking or breakdown:

Clean It Regularly

Clean It Regularly

Regular cleaning helps the sunroof operate without any hassle. Incorporate the following ways to help the car sunroof work properly:

1. Open the sunroof and clean the area using a vacuum if you’ve suspected contaminants over it.

2. Clean the gasket along with moving parts using a soft cloth. You can clean it using an automotive cleaner or brush. Don’t forget to tidy up the slides and tracks.

3. Apply a small amount of lightweight and heat-resistant grease. Use this and lubricate all the parts of the car.

4. Avoid using ammonia or vinegar as cleaners if you have a glass sunroof. (These chemicals become vapors in warm weather and lead to irritation after its inhaled.

Get it Detailed Yearly

Get your sunroof detailed annually. Make it monthly practice if you drive the vehicle on the road full of dust. Start by cleaning the sunroof trough and allowing the entry of low-pressure air from the drain tubes. End the process by inserting a skinny, flexible, non-puncturing wire into a drain tube, twisting the wire clockwise, and then counterclockwise while gently pushing it. Don’t forget to look at the length of the drain tubes as it is common for insects and birds to build nests, thereby resulting in leaks. Next, close the sunroof and sprinkle water on the glass. If it leaks, look at the cracks or jagged edges and replace the existing sunroof parts and accessories with new ones. If you are still facing some issues taking it to a qualified mechanic would be the best action.

Allow it to Move Freely

If your roof has started sticking or is moving slowly, it’s time to look at the cracked or stripped gears. Turn the car engine on and operate the roof in an open, close, or vent position to determine the root cause of the problem. If it starts moving flawlessly, apply lightweight and heat-resistant grease over it. There could be a circuitry malfunction that supplies power to the entire car. Carry out replacement by yourself If you know the technicalities of the job.

Pay Attention to the Common Issues

If your car starts producing popping and scrapping sounds, know that your parts need to be lubricated or issue with slipping gears or some other mechanical problem. If these issues have been bothering you for a while, compare the sunroof maintenance cost from different stores and install a new one instead.

When It’s time for a Sunroof Replacement?

Sunroof replacement must be performed in the following cases:

Glass is Damaged

 Damaged Glass

Like windshields car’s sunroof gets damaged by flying objects and flying road debris. If you suspect that the sunroof has become cracked, chipped, or shattered and don’t want unwanted items to get within your car, replace the sunroof as soon as possible. Dust, dirt, water, bugs, and other things might get within the damaged roof and distract you while driving. If your sunroof is damaged somehow, a qualified technician must be consulted in that case.

Electrical Issues

Electrical Issues

Electrical issues prevent proper opening or closing of the sunroof. Those who have sound knowledge can perform these tasks independently; otherwise, consulting a qualified mechanic would be the best course of action. The issue could be a broken fuse or a circuit breaker, and in case the motor no longer works properly, replace the problematic sunroof parts and accessories with the new ones to help it run smoothly.

Track Issues

Sometimes the sunroof moves out of track, or opening and closing the auto glass often becomes a hassle. In addition, debris gets within cakes and slides, so operating them becomes a hassle. Cleaning and lubricating is the best way to prevent your vehicle from these issues.

The Bottom Line

Issues in the car’s sunroof shouldn’t be taken lightly, as leaving them unattended would lead to costly repairs later on. Instead, get sunroof parts and accessories from a trusted store like ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ and keep yourself safe during extreme weather conditions.

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