7 Safety Features to Look Out in a New Car


Driverless vehicles are the future of the automotive industry. With the rapid advancements in technology, automotive experts have introduced cars that give you a smart and safe driving experience. These features safeguard the drivers from accidents and prevent accidents from happening in the first place. These are optional car investments but will pay you a great deal of money in the years to come. Let’s look at the must-have safety features in the car in detail:

Adaptive Cruise Control

daptive Cruise Control

Using traditional cruise control is ideal, while someone aspires to maintain a steady speed. However, it is difficult to drive at such a speed especially when there is traffic outside. This issue is looked after by the adaptive cruise control(ACC) by maintaining a distance between your car & the one in front. Set the cruise instead of adjusting it as the speed of the car ahead reduces. In the case of certain systems, the car halts completely. This is an excellent approach while someone plans to keep a safe distance from other cars.

Automatic Braking Systems

Automatic Braking Systems

Automatic braking systems play a pivotal role in halting the vehicle or completely slowing it down before the collision. This would save you from situations when the car comes in front of you all of a sudden. You won’t commonly see this feature in a standard vehicle but will become a must-have safety feature in cars in the coming years.

Blind Spot Monitoring

With the help of video data or radar, the drivers can see areas that aren’t visible to them from a side-view. This feature takes advantage of the beeps or visual cues. Sometimes the car starts moving towards a safe distance. You can keep your branded vehicles like SUVs or BMW safe by integrating these features into them. It is either a standard feature in some cars or is installed cost-effectively.

Forward Collision Warning

With the help of cameras, radars or lasers objects including vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, animals can be detected via the forward collision warning feature. This feature detects an object and informs well in advance about the collision. The alerts are either visual, audio, or tactile.

Rear Cross-Traffic Warning

The standard backup camera gets another layer of protection with a rear cross-traffic warning. This alerts the driver of an issue that is detected when the car is driven backward. This is an excellent & latest safety feature of cars that has helped to prevent fender benders.

Lane Keeping Systems

These systems start giving warnings via beeps when they notice the vehicle drifting. It helps you gain access to your car and brings it to the center of the lane. Other features that come with this safety feature in the car include the following:

1. Lane-Centering Assist (LCA)

2. Lane-Keeping Assist (LKA)

3. Lane-Tracing Assist (LTA)

Pedestrian Detection

Pedestrian Detection

This feature adopts a distinct approach while giving forward-collision warnings and automatic emergency braking. Whenever the car comes across pedestrians and cyclists, this system gives an alert. This system takes a combination of radar sensors and cameras at low speeds to get an idea of pedestrians or bikers. As the pedestrian approaches the car, brakes are applied to prevent collision.

Heads-Up Display

Keeping the eyes on the road is the most important safety lesson. These things have become easier than before as you would notice the entire information on the windshield screen. In addition, information including the vehicle’s speed and GPS navigation can be seen on the dashboard. This latest safety feature in the car would minimize your effort of looking down.

Adaptive Headlights

Driving at night becomes an issue due to poor visibility. Adaptive headlights aim to improve your vision at night by adjusting the headlight as per the road ahead. The sensors help the adaptive headlights calibrate the driver’s input. As a result, you’ll get a better view while moving and turning instead of relaying them on the side of the road.

Where to Buy These Safety Devices From?

Now that you have got a complete list of safety features in modern cars, it’s time to get an idea of where to get them. You can get them at nominal rates from the nearest store selling car parts and accessories online, ‘The Auto Parts Shop’, at an affordable price.

The Bottom Line

Install these safety features in your car and keep yourself safe from the dangers on the road.

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