9 Things You Mustn’t Do with Your Automatic Transmission


Did you know that manual transmission is present in less than 2% of cars? This means that most vehicles have an automatic transmission that helps them perform optimally. However, take extra precautions with the automatic transmission system by avoiding these nine things shared by reputed car parts and accessories stores online ‘The Auto Parts Shop’:

Avoiding Taking Advantage of Emergency Brakes

Whether you have parked your vehicle uphill, downhill or anywhere else, ensure that it’s set on an emergency brake to prevent unwanted movements. Damage due to these movements would lead to costly repairs in the future. In the case of a manual transmission, the use of emergency brakes is highly-recommended despite the way they’re parked. It is good in the case of an automatic transmission system as movements would result in expensive damages later on.

Keeping the Car in Drive Mode for Extended Periods

Do you keep the car in drive mode for extended periods? If you are sitting in your vehicle for extended periods, it’s better to turn it off. Keeping it on drive mode while not in use might lead to overheating. Overheating often leads to issues in engine gasket and seals. Overheating would lead to bigger issues later and can be avoided by keeping the car on drive mode.

Keeping the Vehicle in Neutral Mode While Waiting in Traffic

Vehicle In Neutral Mode

If you’re stuck in traffic or waiting for the jam to pass, it’s better to keep the car neutral. Some of you might think that it might waste your car’s gas, but this is certainly best for your car. Don’t keep the vehicle in the neutral mode for too long, as it might lead to transmission issues. In addition, keeping the car in neutral mode would give rise to safety concerns as to when the traffic starts keeping it in neutral reduces the speed and movement of the car.

Setting the Car to Neutral Mode While Driving Downhill

Setting the car to neutral mode while driving downhill must be avoided at all costs. Neutral reduces the speed and grip that you have on the vehicle. This becomes a safety concern for the driver. Instead of adjusting the car in neutral mode, try to keep it on 2 and 1 shifts. Try to apply brakes using the engine instead of using brake pads. Driving must be carried at comfortable speeds and take advantage of the speed limit signs present on the road.

Allowing Water Entry Within the Transmission

Water seeping within the damage could lead to excessive damage that can’t be repaired. If you notice water getting inside the automatic transmission system, check it by yourself or take it to the mechanic, who will recommend manual or automatic transmission replacement after a thorough inspection.

Keeping the Car on Park While Driving

Most individuals are in the habit of keeping the car in park while driving. Avoid doing this while crawling as it would damage the locking pin or brake of the vehicle. People often do this while waiting in the parking area to keep the car in a spot. It’s better to halt the car firmly before setting it to park mode.

Using Two Feet While Driving

Using Two Feet While Driving

If you have been driving by keeping one foot on the brake and another one on the gas pedal, then it’s time to change your driving position. Drive using a single foot instead of two while driving a manual vehicle. It’s wrong to slam both regions by keeping the feet on both pedals, or at times you may keep the wrong foot on the wrong pedal. Also, try not to apply extra pressure by keeping a single foot on the car’s brake. This might minimize the vehicle’s performance, reduce gas mileage and prevent the smooth working of the car brakes.

Not Halting Before Moving from Reverse to Drive

Many drivers are habitual of switching from drive to reverse mode. However, doing this without halting the car completely can become a concern for your safety. If the manoeuvre is putting unnecessary pressure on the transmission, even if you’re driving or reversing the car apply brakes before switching the gear.

Keeping the Gas Tank Low

As the gas prices are rising, it is impossible to take money out of the pocket and keep the gas levels full. Leaving the vehicle as it leads to severe damage. An inadequate amount of gas can degrade the catalytic converter of your vehicle. Ensure that the gas levels are above the quarter and fill it as the dropdown.

In a nutshell, Avoid the things mentioned above to boost the transmission’s lifespan. Negligence would lead to costly repairs and transmission replacements soon.

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