Are Touchless Car Washes Good for Your Vehicle?

Hand washing is considered the best way to wash the car. However, nothing beats touchless car washes that save your time and enhance the car’s aesthetics. This guide highlights whether a touchless car wash is good or not.

What Exactly is Touchless Car Wash?

Touchless car wash takes advantage of the high-powered jet streams to eliminate dirt and grime from the car. Strong detergents are added to ensure that the car is cleaned thoroughly. The cleaning is performed without rags, and the sponges’ car is cleaned while the pressure is applied strongly. During the wash, place the car on a track, cleaned with touchless car wash detergent & the car goes through a series of jets and sprays until it reaches the endpoint. A touchless drying process accompanies it.

Benefits of Touchless Car Washing


Touchless car wash is affordable, and in certain areas, you have to pay less than $5.You can visit an establishment that gives you loyalty points. You can have a punch card or pre-pay washes to bring the price down. It would be best to determine touchless car wash cost before planning a wash schedule.


You can get rid of those stubborn bird droppings via touchless wash. The car wash is going to consume a few minutes of yours and will start looking brand new. On the contrary, handwashing will take an hour or more than that. Choose the right method based on your convenience.

Keeps the Car Parts Intact

Parts are hardly going to face any damage with a touchless car wash. The loose body parts and antenna aren’t touching the sponges leaving damage to them. You can take the car for a touchless car wash without worrying about what will happen to it.

Benefits offered by Touchless Car Wash

Forceful Water Pressure

Traditional car wash methods take advantage of friction to get rid of unwanted dirt and debris. This isn’t the case with touchless car wash. Extra force must be applied to draw water from the jets. Depending on the paint job, the car would get scratched or blemished due to high pressure. In addition, it would degrade the coating of the vehicle.

Harsh Chemicals

Since friction isn’t involved during the process, harsh chemicals would help you get rid of stubborn dirt. Sometimes detergents can be so harsh that they can degrade the car’s paint, and chemicals aren’t compatible with a clear coat and make the body susceptible to wear.

Treated Water

Before taking the vehicle for a touchless wash, it must be treated initially. The water is moved through a conditioning system to soften it. Salts are added as minerals, and the entire flow takes place naturally. The addition of minerals might degrade the car paint, and the car needs to be taken to a paint job to make it look as it used to be.

Is Touchless Car Wash Actually Cleaning the Vehicle?

The touchless car wash won’t be as good as the regular hand wash. However, if you’re looking for a speedy process to eliminate contaminants from the system, then this method would work for you. You would spot some water spots and dirt present on the car. You can get rid of it by performing handwash. Compare the advantages and disadvantages, then choose the right method based on your preference.

Important Points to Consider Before Taking Your Car for a Touchless Wash

If you’re considering touchless car options, keep the following points in mind before getting into it:

1. Before driving through, have a look at the windows and door. Ensure that everything is tightly closed so that water doesn’t infiltrate the car’s cabin.

2. Regulate the speed of the vehicle by moving slowly through the dryers. The closer you stay to the blowers, the drier the car would be.

3. Keep a clean microfiber handy. If you’ve opted for a touchless car wash, don’t forget to get rid of the remaining moisture.

4. Find ways to save money on car wash. Sometimes establishments offer loyalty discounts. If the car wash is a part of fuel service, then you can save money by reaping the benefits of the same.

5. Make sure that the car is taken for a touchless wash from time to time to make it look new.

The Bottom Line

A touchless car wash shortens the process of cleaning the vehicle and keeps it free from unwanted particles. Take the car for a touchless car wash if you have a shortage of time.

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