Auto Parts Shop: Tips for Side Mirror Replacement


As a driver, you have to keep your eye on the motorists coming from the side and behind the road. You can monitor their proximity using the side mirrors installed on the cars. According to studies not doing so leads to unwanted car damages due to collisions. Even the broken or damaged side mirror can put everyone’s life at risk. Car’s side mirror replacement can fix these issues and help you drive safely on road. Let us dive deeper into the significance of drivers side mirrors and common issues related to side mirrors:

Changing Lanes by Viewing Side Mirror

Every motorist has to change lanes while driving on the road. This lane changing is generally performed to move towards the left or the right side or halt the car. Before changing the lane it is vital to view the traffic coming from the left or right side. Turns must be taken after checking both sides as you may collide with another car or another will collide with you.

Used While Overtaking

Mirrors are commonly required while someone is overtaking the vehicle. In case you’re driving and overtaking simultaneously. Have a look at the rear mirror for traffic then overtake the car. Avoid overtaking if it’s a busy road as it would lead to accidents.

Helps in Parking

It is vital to use a side mirror while parking the car in a certain area. It is impossible to do it without reversing the mirrors. Parking at the right place and in the right way is impossible without side mirrors.

Stuck in Heavy Traffic

Busy roads often lead to traffic jams and it’s vital to safeguard your car from both ends by checking the Drivers side mirror.

Look at the Traffic from Behind

There are several cars behind you and the mirror at the center helps us to look closely at them. Heavy-duty vehicles coming from behind need space to move which are generally given after looking at the side mirrors.

Common Issues with Side Mirror


Over time the side mirror starts giving issues that need the driver’s attention listed as follows:

Inability to See Things Clearly

It is impossible to drive with a broken or damaged mirror because you won’t be able to see passengers behind you. You are risking the lives of other if you’re unable to see those driving behind you. You are under serious risk when you’re changing lanes or when the vehicle approaches you. In such situations, you would confide on the rear view mirror but the reality is you won’t be able to see blind spots which was only possible with drivers side mirror.

Dangers of Shattered Glass

Cracked side mirror is susceptible to breakage when force is applied to it. Falling glass shards can be a threat to everyone commuting with you. Take the car to a qualified mechanic performing side mirror replacement near me.

When It’s Time for a Side Mirror Replacement?

Well maintained mirrors help you drive safely on road. In case of minor scratches repairing these mirrors is the best course of action. At times scratches become so problematic that they block your rear and side view that need replacement. You can determine the side mirror replacement cost from the mechanic or purchase your own part  from the customer’s preferred choice ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ that brings them at affordable prices.

How Much Does Side Mirror Replacement Cost?


The side mirror replacement cost generally lie between $139 which surge upto $328.Part costs are generally between $35 to $90 and labor charges are imposed separately by the mechanic shop. Side mirror replacement can burn a hole in your pocket and the only way to save money is by comparing the side mirror replacement cost mentioned on different websites and choose the one that matches your budget and requirements. Don’t forget to watch the step by step tutorials instead of paying to the mechanic for replacement.

Side Mirror Replacement Tips

Replacing a side mirror won’t be a hassle as we have come up with a step by step guide that makes the process hassle-free for everyone as follows:

Identify the Root Cause of the Problem

Determine what’s wrong with your mirror. Most issues are linked to broken glass, and fixing them is comparatively easier than other things. You just have to invest in the mirrors if you’re buying the manual ones while the entire assembly is to be purchased in case of the electronic ones.

Step 2: Part 1:Take the Glass Out and Replace it with a New One

Installing a manual mirror is an easy process. You can take it out by using a flathead screwdriver. Wear gloves while doing this task, as not doing so could lead to cuts. Use the glass removed peel and insert the new glass and it is all set.

Step 2:Part 2:Taking the Access Panels Out

Side mirrors come with access panels to see from where one can check the open door. A small triangular piece of plastic is inserted within the door. Some access doors don’t have screws and come out the moment they are taken out using a flathead screwdriver. Remove the panel by unplugging the wiring harness and unbolting the mirror assembly from within. Next, take the bolts out, which would otherwise cause unnecessary stress while working.

Installing New Mirror

The new mirror has been taken out its time to install the new one instead. Install the new mirror properly, along with the new wires that move towards the door. Attach the new mirror to the wiring harness and bolt the new mirror the same as the old one.


Test the mirror to ensure that it’s properly installed. If you’re still facing issues, it is possibly due to the fuse or wiring of the car. It is better to get the wiring checked by the mechanic performing a side mirror replacement near me.

The Bottom Line

Driving with a broken or damaged side mirror could lead to life threatening situations. Passenger mirror replacement performed by a trusted mechanic or by yourself can resolve helps you drive safely on road.

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