Bad A/C Compressor: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Replacement Cost


The AC compressor is pushed via the engine of the vehicle, related via a belt on the front of the crankshaft. 

Each air conditioning device of a car relies upon on a regular drift of refrigerant to circulate thru it. This refrigerant is what allows the air conditioner to produce the cool air which comes out of the vents inside the dashboard. 

The simplest manner this refrigerant can preserve flowing nicely from an aspect referred to as an air conditioner compressor, additionally referred to as an AC compressor. What this factor does is it creates pressure which pushes the refrigerant and maintains it flowing smoothly. It also heats up the refrigerant, which plays a vital role in the production of cool cabin air. 

AC compressor

As long as the AC compressor stays functional, you have to have a strong waft of cool air coming from the vents. But like whatever, an AC compressor can fail. 

How an AC compressor device Works 

The air con machine of a car works much like a refrigerator. The AC compressor is pushed via the engine of the vehicle, related via a belt on the front of the crankshaft. It’s the riding force in the back of the cycle of warm and cold refrigerant motion. 

The compressor pulley is attached to the crankshaft so it continually spins when the engine going for walks. Due to the fact that the majority don’t want the AC on all of the time, a compressor snatch connects the pulley to the compressor riding shaft whilst the AC is switched to “on” to make the compressor run.

Working of AC compressor


The compressor pressurizes the gaseous refrigerant that it gets from the evaporator. It then sends the recent gasoline to the condenser. 


The condenser itself becomes warm as the new refrigerant passes via it, and this warmness is then transferred to the cool air being pressured into it as the car drives along. The evaporation valve at the give up of the condenser cools the refrigerant vapour even extra in order that it turns returned into a liquid. 


The cool liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator, in which warm air is blown over it by a fan. The evaporator is under low pressure, so the boiling point is lots lower. The liquid refrigerant absorbs the warmth from the air in order that it boils, evaporates, and becomes an exceedingly cool gas. 

The warm air that becomes blown over the refrigerant is now cool air that’s blown into the cabin to chill everybody inner. 

Horrific car AC Compressor symptoms 

AC compressors undergo plenty of pressure. Car air con systems get turned on and off constantly and this strength fluctuation may also place a variety of wear on the compressor. 

Over a positive wide variety of years, this pressure should put on down the compressor and purpose it to ultimately malfunction. Folks who use their air conditioners on a regular basis will experience issues with them earlier than folks that never run the AC. 

Horrific car AC Compressor

There are a few caution symptoms so as to present themselves if your AC compressor is beginning to head horrific. Under are four not unusual symptoms. 

1) Serpentine belt squealing noise 

If you switch to your air conditioner and there are a whole lot of odd noises being generated, then your AC compressor is possibly beginning to fail. 

The compressor is based on a sealed bearing and several different additives to show. If the internal bearings or additives were to get damaged or worn out, then it’ll make it tougher for the compressor to perform nicely. 

Bizarre noises will handiest be the beginning of the trouble. This is why you have to take this symptom as an early indicator which you want to get your AC compressor replaced. 

2) Warm Air from Vents 

If you switch for your air conditioner and you best gets warm air blowing out of the vents even after a couple minutes that are a clean indicator that your AC compressor is failing. 

If the refrigerant cannot flow into through the air con gadget because of a bad compressor, then it is not going to create the cool air that you want. As a result, you may have hot air as a substitute. 

This might be a sluggish process in which you’ll first feel the cool air getting barely warmer. After a while, the air will get to the point in which it’s miles completely warm and not using coolness whatsoever. 

3) Leaking Fluid 

The AC compressor has its own internal bearings which save you fluid from leaking even as it’s miles pressurizing the refrigerant. If these bearings end up wiped out or damaged then fluid can without problems leak via them. You will need to replace the bearings in place of repair them. 

It’s critical to attend to leaking refrigerant fast, because the maximum commonplace kind (Freon) may be very dangerous to the ozone layer of the surroundings whilst it is launched into the environment and evaporates. 

4) Skipping or Squealing Belt 

This is a sound you could listen whilst trying to start the air conditioning system is the AC compressor is horrific and the belt can’t properly flip with it. 

5) Stuck AC Compressor Clutch 

The AC compressor snatch lets in the compressor to use the engine power handiest when it’s miles needed. 

If the grab were to get stuck or capture absolutely, then it might now not be able to properly switch energy from the engine over to the compressor. The AC might be stuck inside the “on” role (sooner or later causing early put on damage to the air con components) or it could be locked inside the “off” position and not work in any respect. 

Stuck AC Compressor Clutch

You can check underneath the hood of the car even as the engine is going for walks to see if the compressor snatch is spinning when the AC is switched on (you can need to test the manual to look in which the grab is for your vehicle if you’re unsure). 

In most cases, you won’t be able to restore the seize either if it has seized like this. Your handiest choice might be to update the grab and occasionally the whole compressor. 

AC Compressor replacement cost 

We advise components Geek or increase automobile elements for the first-rate charges and selection. An AC compressor is a completely large component in any vehicle and hence may be one of the extra expensive parts to replace while important. 

First, make certain to check the belt which connects the AC compressor to the engine, because now and again a worn or damaged belt can purpose the equal signs and symptoms. If a defective belt is not repaired in a timely way then it’s going to probably damage the AC compressor. 

The aspect itself can fee anywhere from $650 to $950 or greater. The hard work costs will likely be everywhere from $a hundred and fifty to $200. This means that you can be searching at a complete price of $800 to $1,a hundred and fifty. There may also be taxes and costs delivered to those totals as nicely. 


Even as the air con gadget is not an entirely essential system inside the automobile, it’s very beneficial for defogging the indoors windows and of path, for cooling the indoors off on hot days. 

In case you are unable to come up with the money for a substitute proper now, just count on warm air to constantly be blowing via the vents into the cabin. 

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