Best Anti Theft Car Steering Wheel Locks to Buy In 2022

Today, in this keyless and digital era, where mechanical security measures such as locks for your car’s steering wheels have emerged as a vital way to ensure your vehicle is less appealing to potential thieves. 

steering wheel

Although steering wheel locks may seem a bit outdated, even as vehicle manufacturers, tech experts, and thieves too continue to develop more inventive technical advances, it is still true that a thief will (is)  likely hesitate before taking your car if it is equipped with one!

The longer it takes to disengage a steering wheel lock means that car thieves are more likely to focus their attention elsewhere. Car thieves always seek out simple targets.

In this write-up, we will talk about some best anti-theft car steering wheel locks to buy in 2022. 

#1. Disklok Steering Wheel Lock

Disklok Steering Wheel Lock

The company always had a focused vision ever since its foundation (formation) and that was providing the finest steering locks for vehicles. They have created a device that has got many relevant awards and has been recognized by the safety authorities.

This lock encloses the entire steering wheel instead of assuming the bar shape which fits through it; while making it tougher to break off.

The presence of a bar exacerbates the situation. The lock rotates irregularly when touched, making it difficult for even the most daring thief to remove the bar. According to reviews, this takes far longer to evict (release) than other rivals.

#2.  Stoplock Pro Steering Wheel Lock

It comes with a brilliant yellow color that will be visible to car thieves from a mile away. Also, this lock can be quickly installed like any bar lock before getting out of the vehicle & might fit the majority of steering wheels. The lock was tested by Auto Express, who discovered that it was just as difficult to open as Disklok and that doing so isn’t really an easy process.

Stoplock Pro Steering Wheel Lock

#3. Streetwize Double Hook Steering Wheel Lock

The above-mentioned are high-quality pieces of equipment, although they are not very inexpensive. They can be a great alternative for you if you can’t spend a massive portion of your income on a car anti-theft gadget.

Like Stoplock, it has a bright yellow coating that will stand out against the inside of the majority of automobiles. It also has a very distinctive cross-key locking mechanism that is tailored to make it very difficult for thieves to open.

#4. Milenco High-Security Steering Wheel Lock

This is the other (another)  most costly (expensive) lock on this list, therefore it needs to stand out. Apart from the Disklok, this is the only product on our list with the sell secure badge, meaning that it has passed a series of tests performed by qualified locksmiths. The tests are believed to be among the most stringent currently available.

It also has a distinct design that allows the lock to be placed without overlapping the horn, enabling it to fit a wider range of wheels than some of its counterparts.

If you don’t like yellow, you can also order it in a more subdued, albeit probably less intimidating, the hue of grey, as shown above. It also comes with three security keys.

Milenco High-Security Steering Wheel Lock

Wrapping It Up

The concept behind a steering wheel lock is simple, but effective: attaching a large block of metal to your steering wheel to make it difficult to spin and hence impossible to drive away without removal will likely dissuade potential thieves.

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