Can I replace ball joints myself?


A ball joint is a crucial component of the car’s suspension that is located at the end of the control arm. It holds the entire suspended weight of the vehicle at its steering point. The left and right alignment of the wheels has only been possible due to the ball joint also helping the steering components turn in a smooth way. Some ball joints are directly fitted; removing them is impossible, while others need to be pressed, bolted, or riveted in.

Unfortunately, the ball joints aren’t meant to last for a lifetime. Sometimes lack of grease or grease coming out of the torn boots that add a layer of protection to it becomes a cause of concern. The condition of the joints becomes so worse that you would start noticing knocking or popping sounds coming out of the bumps. Let us dive into the symptoms of a bad ball joint and learn ways to save money from a ball joint replacement cost by fixing it by ourselves:

Bad Ball Joint Symptoms


A malfunctioning ball joint makes the wheels in any direction. Bad ball joint indicates the driver that something is wrong and would show the following symptoms:

Clunking Sounds Coming Out of Front Suspension

One of the biggest issues with ball joints is the clunking sounds that come out of it as it gets bad. Loose ball joints lead to rattling and knocking, and the suspension starts moving upwards and downwards. You would hear the knocking or clunking sounds as you drive on bumps or turn the wheels. The clunking sounds get noisy to the extent that it leads to complete failure. If you have heard such sounds, it is better to determine the mechanic’s cost of bad ball joint replacement and get it resolved.

Excessive Vibrations from the Front of the Car

Another symptom of a bad ball joint is the vibrations that come out of the car. It is generally the left and the right side of the car from where the vibrations come. In some cases, you’ll hear the vibrations from your steering.

Worn Out Edges of the Tire

The moment you look at the tires, you will notice the inner or the outer edges that have come off by chance. If you want to determine the bad ball joint symptoms, always check your tires. Under-inflated tires make both the edges wear out faster.

Steering Wheel Getting Out of Control

With bad ball joints, your steering wheel starts moving from left to right on its own. The driver has to compensate for a problematic steering wheel. The only way to deal with the issue is a mechanic inspection that will discuss the ball joint replacement cost before fixing the car for you.

Only a certified technician can determine the root cause of the problem. In case you possess sound technical knowledge, you can resolve it by yourself.

How to Fix the Problematic Ball Joint?

A problematic ball joint affects your handling negatively at low speeds and can put your life in danger at high speeds. This issue can be resolved with the right parts that you can get from a reputed store such as ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ bringing excellent quality and affordable car parts to you. Along with it, You must be know how to handle the suspension and brake components. The ball joint replacement is carried out by incorporating the following steps :

Preparation Steps :

Park the car on the flat surface and block both front and back wheels. Don’t forget to choke the back tires as nothing must move while you’re working on the car.

Check the ball Joints Thoroughly


Check the ball joints thoroughly and ensure that there is no space between the ball joint and the point of contact. If you notice the space, it’s time to compare the cost of replacing a ball joint and choose the one that fits your budget.

Choose the Best Ball Joint Replacement Assembly

Enter the make, year, and model of the vehicle, and you’ll find the right auto part for your car. You can save money by purchasing it from the online store and watch the DIY videos while fixing the issue.

Step By Step Process:

  • Remove the Vehicle Wheels
  • Move the brake calipers and rotor. In some cases, the sway bar links must be removed.
  • Disintegrate the lower arm from the steering knuckle using a ball joint fork.
  • If there are any snap rings, try to take them as they keep the ball joints intact.
  • Using ball joint press eliminates the old joint.
  • With the help of a ball joint, press adds a new joint to the arm.

Extra Tip: Keep your old ball joints in the freezer overnight. Placing them in the freezer makes the installation process simple.

Consulting your vehicle’s manual or online guide before performing the replacement process is the best course of action.

The Bottom Line

Avoid driving with problematic ball joints as it would put your life at stake. Instead, invest in a new ball joint and proper ball joint removing tools and fix the issue yourself.

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