Car Basics Every Child Must Know


As a parent, we teach important life skills like shoe tying and preparing a meal to our child. As the child grows, a need to teach car basics arises so that the maintenance work can be handled independently.

Keeping the car in top-notch condition is a skill that few individuals master. In this guide, we’ve simplified car basics for you. Teach your children the following basics tips so that the car stays in good condition and help them drive safely to the destination:

10 Automotive Skills that Must be Taught to the Child

Automotive Skills that Must be Taught to the Child

Vehicles are becoming complicated day by day, and taking good care of them becomes impossible without prior knowledge. You have got these car service basics from your ancestors, and now is the time to share them with upcoming generations. Teach your child the following car basics  before giving the car to them:

Checking the Fluids Beneath the Hood

Checking the Fluids Beneath the Hood

Your child should know different types of fluid. Also, they should be well-versed in how to change the fluid beneath the hood. The first thing is to ensure that the car is topped up with fluids and is clean. Most of the assemblies like engines and transmissions don’t work appropriately due to low fluid levels.

The vehicle should be topped up with the following types of fluids:

  • Engine oil
  • Coolant 
  • Brake fluid
  • Washer fluid

In certain vehicles, you can look at the power steering fluid and automatic transmission fluid residing within the engine compartment. Refer to the owner manual that highlights how these fluids can be accessed and checked. Get to the under hood fluids and perform fluid replacement when required.

Attending the Maintenance Schedule Recommended by the Manufacturer

As a first-time driver, one doesn’t have any idea about the maintenance schedule. Your child would be dealing with the wheels just as you when the car stops all of a sudden. A maintenance schedule gives your child information about the maintenance schedule and when it is to be performed. This would also keep your vehicle in good condition and save you from costly repairs. The schedule is generally mentioned in the service manual or supplement service booklet.

Performing Flat Tire Replacement

Performing Flat Tire Replacement

It’s difficult to stay on a stranded road in flat tire situations. This situation can be perilous, especially while you’re standing on a busy road. Teaching the child tire replacement basics means helping him get back in the car when such a situation arises. Have a look at the car owner’s manual and carry out the tire replacement. The only difficulty your child is going to face is dealing with the tools that aren’t strong for the lug nut to be taken out. Keeping a torque multiplier wrench or breaker bar would be the best course of action.

Changing the Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are supposed to be replaced either quarterly or annually. Teaching your child about wiper replacement won’t let him depend on someone else. It also saves time and money. Sometimes it is difficult to recall the wiper blade replacement process, but every blade comes with instructions that would make the process smooth for you. Before teaching your child about wiper blade replacement, you can refer to online tutorials.

Inspecting the Tire Pressure & Condition

Tires that wear out or degrade over time become a safety concern for the drivers. Over or underinflated tires lead to treadwear and impede one’s driving. Teach your child car tire basics, such as performing a visual inspection on every tire and taking a dedicated gauge to calibrate tread depth. Have a look at the tire pressure and compare it with the placard present at the car door jamb.

Light Bulb Replacement

Light Bulb Replacement

Just like the light bulbs present at home, car light bulbs burn out over time and must be fixed by light bulb replacement. Know how to replace the light bulb to perform the repair accordingly. The owner manual has every information related to bulb replacement. If you’re unable to comprehend the instructions, then watch the DIY videos depending on the make or model of the car. Go through the replacement instructions before getting into the process.

Jump-Starting the Vehicle

Every driver comes across a dead battery. Ensure that your child knows how to jumpstart your car when he comes across such a situation. The jumpstart must be carried out in the following ways:

  • The positive terminal must be connected to the positive terminal of the battery
  • The negative terminal must be connected to the ground of the dead vehicle

The owner must know the process of jump start that you can find in the owner manual.

Air and Cabin Filter Replacement

Air and cabin filters must be replaced using hand tools. Save both time and money for your child by teaching him the replacement process. You can watch YouTube videos that show the step by step replacement process.

Find and Replace Fuse

Find and Replace Fuse

The fuse comprises different electric circuits; each of them is protected by a fuse. Fuses safeguard the entire circuit when excessive current flows through it. Try to find and replace these fuses present in the car. Find and replace fuses with your child so that he can perform the job himself. A blown a fuse indicates an issue, needs proper diagnosis accompanied by blown fuse replacement.

Finding Reputed Autoparts Store

If the accessories and parts present inside the vehicle degrade over time. Help your child buy new parts from reputed car parts and accessories online-store The Autoparts Shop‘ that supplies premium quality and authentic parts to you.

The Bottom Line

Teaching your child car basics would keep them safe when unexpected situations arise. In addition, you are teaching the most valuable skill to your child and get to spend quality time with him.

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