Car Frame Damage Signs to Watch Out For

In a perfect world, we would move from point A to B without being involved in a collision. Unfortunately, incidents take place on the nation’s roadways quite often, and avoiding them would be impossible. Certain cosmetic defects can be resolved without any hassle, while others are so severe that they damage the vehicle’s frame. However, these issues can be resolved once the root cause has been determined. Let’s dive deeper and determine the car frame damage signs and take steps to fix the issues as follows:

What is a Car Frame & Its Role?

Car Frame & Its Role

The entire vehicle’s weight resides on the car frame. This frame is connected to two main rails that are connected to the length of the car and connect to cross members at distinct intervals. The design of the car frame differs from one device to another. Everything from the vehicle’s body to drivetrain components connects with the frame at different intervals. The car’s body lies beneath the frame with the help of body mounts. Even the engine and transmission are connected to the mounts. The frames are meticulously designed and placed at specific angles, thereby leaving an impact on the characteristics like driveline inclination and front-end geometry. A slight variation in these angles could lead to driveability concerns to put your life in danger.

How does Frame Damage Take Place?

1. Any damage affecting the primary support of the vehicle is termed frame damage.

2. The most common form of damage is the one with a bent frame.

3. This blow takes place due to collision and is so intense that it turns the car’s structure upside down.

4. The mount is permanently riveted or welded to the frame and gets so worse that it moves to upper suspension mounts or cross-member mounting flanges.

What are the Common Car Frame Damage Symptoms?

Frame Damage Symptoms

While diagnosing the car frame, the driver would come across the following car frame damage symptoms:

Frame with Non-Uniform Bents

If a bent on either side of the frame rail doesn’t match with the other side, then it’s time to consult a qualified mechanic for a car frame damage fix. 

Alignment Drastically Altered

Several reasons can be held responsible for the vehicle’s misalignment. The misalignment can be seen with the naked eye and shows the actual frame damage. Don’t believe if the seller says that the car will be fine after frame repair.

Suspension Components Placed Unnaturally

As you look within the car’s wheel, you’ll see a shock or strut placed at an unnatural angle and would hardly match with its opposite end. It would be best to take your car for the repair work somewhere else.

Ill Fitted Components

If the body panel, along with other components, starts giving a poor fit and finish, know that frame damage is the prominent cause behind it. Sometimes you may face issues while closing the door, which leads to something worse over time.

Irregular Tire Wear

Tires experience wear due to numerous reasons, and in case you’ve been noticing wear pattern in the tires, then frame damage is the underlying reason behind the issue. Sometimes the frame damage is so severe that its geometry gets altered, which ultimately leads to tread wear.

Car Frame Damage Fix Cost

Car Frame Damage Fix Cost

The car frame replacement cost varies from one end of the car to another. Initially, the frame is kept on a specialized equipment frame rack, and repairs are performed accordingly. Repairs like these aren’t cheap and can be time-consuming. The car frame replacement cost generally falls between $1000-$2000.This estimate is exclusive of the cosmetic damage that took place after the collision. A severely damaged or twisted frame exceeds the repair cost upto $10,000 before external cosmetic components are replaced. However, you can save money by purchasing frames from customers’ trusted ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ and save money.

Is it Safe to Drive a Car Having Frame Damage?

It is quite unsafe to drive a vehicle with frame damage. This damage compromises the vehicle’s structural integrity, and such kind of collision could have dire consequences. You would face issues like unbalanced steering, weight distribution becomes uneven or notices issues of one type or another.

The Bottom Line

Car frame issues mustn’t be taken lightly and must be resolved as quickly as possible. Either you can fix these issues or seek assistance from a qualified technician.

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