Common Car Repairs that are Performed After Collision


Car collisions take palace due to several reasons; some of them include the weather, car breaking down, overspeeding, or distractions. These situations make the driver lose control over the vehicle and damage it to a great extent. These situations are unavoidable, but certain repairs can help it get back on track. Getting the damaged parts from the trusted car parts and accessories store and replacing them with new ones would make your journey safe and smooth. Let’s dive deeper into the common areas that are affected by car collisions and take steps to mitigate them:


The area that gets affected the most after a car collision is the paint which is either scratched, scuffed, or chipped after the collision. As the cars collide, it is the surface that touches another hard surface, and the paint starts coming out. In case the car paint is “scuffed.”

Know that the upper layer of the vehicle has been damaged.Know that it’s time to enhance the aesthetics of the car by getting paint from reputed phone car parts and accessories store.

Body Panel Replacement

Body panel replacement means eradicating things such as door, hood, or trunk and installing the new ones instead. If the car has poor dents on it, resolving it with repair tools is impossible. Cutting it using dent removal techniques becomes a concern. Take the car to a qualified mechanic that will fit the panel considering its make and model. The professional would adopt all the precautions while replacing the damaged panel.

Bumper Repair

After the car collision, a broken or damaged bumper starts getting worse over time. Every time you drive, the bumper starts vibrating, and in case it’s lost or bent, the damage starts getting severe. A damaged bumper won’t be able to guard your car during the event of a collision. Initially, dent removal will be applied by the technician to bring it back to its original shape, and if the condition doesn’t improve over time, a complete bumper replacement will resolve the issue in no time.



Performing headlight replacement is an effortless task. A qualified technician would assess whether the car needs a headlight replacement. Sometimes it’s the single headlight or multiple headlights that are becoming a cause of concern, and the new one must be installed instead.


Dent work depends on how severely the metal body has been kicked out of its place. Invert the dent to 90 degrees, and you will notice that the bodywork replacement needs to be carried on the entire dent. Tools such as dent pullers or suction welders are used to help the dent get back to its place. At times the dents get so severe that the process takes longer time and extended durations to accomplish.

Frame Straightening

Frame Straightening

If you suspect a crumpled frame or it has undergone collision, the frame has undergone damages. Frame straightening involves assessment generally carried out by the car technician. The cost and time duration of the frame strengthening process will be revealed by the technician once it has been analyzed thoroughly.

How much Does Car Collision Repairs Cost?

The car collision repair includes small things such as dents to big repairs. You might be charged as little as $50, which the car collision repair cost sometimes escalates to $2500 burns a hole in your pocket. You can save money by purchasing new parts from online car parts and accessories store like ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ and resolve the issues in no time. Just pay the labor charges to the mechanic and help your car run smoothly.

The Bottom Line

Car collisions are unavoidable, and the cost would burn a hole in your pocket. Know the underlying cause of the issue and fix it to prevent issues from getting worse. You can even consult a qualified technician and resume your driving.

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