Disinfect your car and stay safe


Covid-19 is adversely attacking the whole globe. In this situation of grim, we need to practice good hygiene never before. That means we need to take extra care of our self as well as our beloved to protect them from this deadly coronavirus.

We need to take care of every minute thing such as our hygiene, contacting surfaces, our outgoings, and many more things to protect ourselves from corona virus. We feel safe at home, but what precautions should we take, if urgently we have to rush somewhere by car?

There are many chances of transmission of coronavirus from the cars through touched surfaces, steering wheel, gearstick, radio, AC, and door handles.

Man washing his car in a garage

Follow these steps to disinfect your cars:

Stay protected- Before stepping out to clean or wash your car, it is mandatory to wear the right gears to protect yourself from this virus. Put on a pair of high-quality rubber gloves and face masks to protect yourself from the dust particles present in the air. Apply good quality alcohol-based sanitizer before putting on gloves, to gives your hands an extra layer of protection. Wear clothes that fully cover your whole body parts, there will be no chance of getting infected.

Regular clean- Wash or clean your car in a regular manner as you do. Pull out all mats and covers before washing. You need to dust out all the covers and mats thoroughly and then use a vacuum cleaner to collect dirt from the corners of the car. Make sure to dispose of these dirt particles in proper disposable bags, so that no one can come into contact with it.

Man washing his car in a garage
Man in a garage. Worker washing a car.

Soak- Take a big vessel and add regular detergents or liquid soap to soak all the floor carpets or covers into that. Leave them into the tub for at least 30 minutes, take them out and wash them and leave them to dry.

Scrubbing- Prepare a separate soap mix to wash the un-removable fabrics from your car. Dip a sponge in the liquid mix, squeeze them and give a scrub at your seats, door panels, armrest, and the window panels of the car. You can also clean the roof lining with the sponge with the same solution.

Use sanitizers to disinfect– After vacuum cleaning and scrubbing your car, it’s time to do some detailing. Take alcohol-based disinfectant; put it into the sponge to clean all the touchable parts inside the car including door panels, rear view mirror, center console, dashboard, radio, AC button, windscreen, boots, top, and gearstick. These are the place which comes directly contact with the person to open, close, or put any item in the car. Apply sanitizer or disinfectant to every part inside of your car, this will help to prevent direct contact with the virus.

I do my laundry once a week

Clean the exterior- Now, when you have done with the interior of the car, it’s time to clean the exterior body of the car. Apply the liquid soap mixture on the exterior surface of the car such as handles, mirrors, boots, and doors. Apply the soap and let them rest for 5-10 minutes, then wash the exterior body of the car, and wipe the extra water from the clean cloth.

I do my laundry once a week

Clean up yourself– Now, when cleaning of your car is done, it is necessary to dispose of your dirty gloves and face masks in the disposable bin. Wash your clothes and the sponge with hot water. Take a shower to remove all the dirt particles from your body parts. Do not leave your dirty clothes here and there, as this will cause contamination to other surfaces.

I do my laundry once a week
Shot of a young attractive woman doing her laundry at home

Cleaning a car during this pandemic is necessary to protect yourself from this deadly virus. You should take care of all the steps that are mentioned above before cleaning the car. There is no sure-shot method to remove the chances of getting infected but these methods will decrease the chance of getting infected from this virus. 

It is always advisable to wash your hands after contacting anything from your bare hands. As well, always put a sanitizer bottle in the car in case you need it.

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