Dodge Dakota Convertible


Convertible pickup trucks are the response to an inquiry that the overall vehicle purchasing public has never inquired. The Ford Model a pickups had a removable rooftop, yet once that spearheading model left the scene it took more than 50 years before an automaker chose to try things out with a vehicle that encourages you to get a burn from the sun while additionally living in unending trepidation of being for all time harmed by the sliding load. 

The conduit between the working scene and the dream of fun and sun, in the long run, appeared as the 1989–91 Dodge Dakota Sport convertible. The implicit organization with American Sunroof Corporation (ASC), the topless Dakota was a genuine crackpot from Detroit’s mod shop. Never hesitant to make the most irregular Big Three promoting fever dreams into genuine steel, ASC took a cutting tool to the Dodge and for a very long time helped make a vehicle that nearly no one needed.

Production of Dodge Dakota Convertible

The production of the Dakota Convertible was an arrangement that Chrysler and the American Sunroof Company had with ASC finishing the convertible transformation. On account of this agreement, the 1989 Dakota Convertible was the absolute first convertible pickup from America since the arrival of the Ford Model A. The possibility of this convertible came from Jerry York, Chrysler’s CFO, as an approach to add energy to the Dakota pickup setup.


In the primary year, which was 1989, around 2,500 models were sold. By 1991, the deals had slowed down enough for Dodge to call this the last model year of that specific rendition. In particular, just eight models sold in 1991, with just shy of 1,100 selling in 1990.

Setting the convertible parts

The 1989 Dakota Convertible was very like the non-convertible variants of this pickup truck. It had a basic manual top alongside a fixed move bar to separate it. Like different Dakotas of the year, the convertible was accessible with 4×4 for the individuals who needed it. The standard setup for 1989 Dakota Convertibles was the 3.9-liter V6 motor, either a two-wheel or four-wheel drive, and the decision of a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed programmed transmission. A 4-chamber variant was accessible the next year.

Features of Dodge Dakota Convertible

The Dodge Dakota itself was somewhat of an exception on the pickup truck scene. Presented in 1987 as a bigger than-minimal option in contrast to the Ford Ranger and the Chevrolet S-10/GMC S-15 twins, the Dakota viably created the moderate size truck section that proceeds right up ’til today. It additionally permitted purchasers to pull a 4×8 section of compressed wood or drywall without leaving the rear end open, which was a glaring difference to the more unobtrusive Blue Oval and Bowtie passages. 

Not exclusively was the strong Dakota greater than its counterparts, yet it was extraordinary in contribution a chest-pounding V-8 motor as the restricted creation, 1989-just Shelby Dakota—something no smaller hauler could coordinate around then. Spreading that eight-chamber out to the remainder of the setup was as yet several years into the future, notwithstanding when Chrysler CFO Jerry York concocted the brainwave that would turn into the Dakota Sport convertible. 

The Dakota wasn’t selling well enough, with an underlying 100,000 units in 1987 dropping to simply under 90,000 a couple of years after the fact in 1989, which was not exactly half the thing General Motors was getting a charge out of with its S-10. York’s plan to help deals wasn’t adding more force or rough terrain durability. No, Jerry went totally off content with the possibility that what pickup purchasers were searching for was a wobbly vinyl rooftop and the winking defensive guarantee of a solitary circle move bar.

Passes of Dodge Dakota Convertible

In the best-case scenario, a convertible pickup is an oddity, and even from a pessimistic standpoint, it’s hazardous such that a couple of trucks had ever been previously. Such was the exercise of the Dakota ‘vert that it took over 10 years before any other individual attempted to indeed teach Americans about the miracles of top-down pulling—and that vehicle, the Chevrolet SSR, demonstrated also ailing in life span.

That is the reason the Dodge Sport Convertible, after selling a measly 2,800 units in its introduction year of 1989, completed its run only two years after the fact in 1991. In contrast to the Li’l Red Express, nonetheless, the Dodge Sport Convertible is absolutely a curiosity now, and it’s a modest one at that. 


All things considered, in case you’re hoping to test one of the most remarkable pickups ever offered, it won’t cost you more than $10,000 for Dodge Dakota Sport convertible in great driving condition. Even, if you can discover one you’ll pay a whole lot less.

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