Do Ford Rangers Have Transmission Problems?


Ford Rangers have become a prominent choice of car enthusiasts who are looking for a compact pickup truck. It is excellent tow rating, comprehensive features, comfortable seats, and lavish looks make it the preferred choice of vehicle drivers. These exemplary qualities of the Ford model make it an international pickup award winner of the year 2020. Let us dive deeper into the exclusive features of this world-class model.

No automobile is perfect; the same is true in the case of Ford Rangers, and driving the car becomes a hassle in such a case. Delaying the issues would lead to bigger and costly repairs, which can be prevented via Ford Ranger replacement.

Works Both Smarter and Harder

The primary purpose of introducing a Ranger in the market was task accomplishment. This model not only works hard for you but is way smarter than its counterparts. It has exclusive features like traffic sign recognition,lane-keeping aid and comes with parking sensors. These features have been designed to help you drive with confidence and offer an exhilarating driving experience.

Best of Toughness and Comfort

It is made of optimum quality materials that are tough, and the head wearing gives you the comfort you are looking for. In addition, for the first time, users will see a Ford Pass connect modem within a vehicle. All these features make your Ford experience better than before.

Common Issues with the Ford Ranger Model

Despite being the kind of vehicle, everyone wishes to buy; the ranger has received several complaints from reviewers and customers. Let’s have a look at each one of them:

Transmission Problems


Almost 486 complaints were filed regarding the Ford Ranger transmission issues and the sudden flashing of the overdrive light. The transmission issues commonly take place after the car has been driven for 120,000 miles, and paying Ford Ranger transmission replacement cost was an expensive affair for them. One of the drivers from Kentucky is experiencing so many turning issues that it prevents them from driving or reversing the car.

Engine Issues and Misfires

The 2004 ranger model gave eight recalls, and 462 car complaints have been lodged against it. The common reason for the complaint was engine issues and misfires. Some individuals still struggled with the issues even after taking it to the two dealerships. Many car owners faced these issues after covering 30,000 miles in the car.

Ford Ranger Transmission Codes

One way to identify transmission problems is through the Ford Ranger Transmission codes flashing on the check engine light. These have been discussed as follows:

Is it Possible to Drive with Transmission Problems?


Despite the transmission issues, you can drive the vehicle on the road. This is not an ideal approach as transmission has other parts, and failing to replace them can damage them. The moment you come across Ford Ranger automatic transmission issues, take your car to the mechanic to prevent further issues from occurring.

How to Determine Ford Transmission Issues?

If mechanic repairs are burning a hole within your pocket, then you can fix them by yourself. All you need is the right tools and the step-by-step process to resolve the issue. All you need to know is the Ford Ranger transmission replacement cost while associating with an online store near you like ‘The Auto Parts Shop,’ bringing top quality and inexpensive car parts to you.

How to Fix Ford Ranger Transmission Problems?

Purchase a New Transmission

The simplest and fastest way to resolve the transmission issues is by purchasing a new transmission. Car parts store like ‘The Auto Parts Shop delivers car parts within a day, and all the car parts stores offer a warranty of a year or two. You can pay the mechanic for the replacement or fix these issues by yourself if you have the technical skills.

Step by Step Replacement Process

Once you have identified Ford Ranger transmission issues, perform the step-by-step replacement process to help the vehicle work smoothly.

#Step 1:In the first step, the vehicle needs to be elevated from the ground so that the parts can be unbolted.

#Step 2:The transmission can be lowered if the new transmission is to be installed within the car.

#Step 3:Once it has been fitted properly, the PCM needs to be reprogrammed to accept the new transmission by the Ford truck.

If you cannot carry out the replacement process by yourself, let the mechanic handle the stuff on your behalf.

The Bottom Line

Driving a Ford Ranger with a problematic transmission or any other issue could lead to costly repairs in the future. A Ford transmission replacement is an effortless and optimum way to fix the issue.

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